To remove or not to remove—it’s the question every makeup-wearer grapples with after a grueling day. Of course, we all know the correct answer is yes. But sometimes, doing a proper double-cleanse is just too tedious a task! Luckily, the subject of today’s Splurge vs. Save will make that a non-problem in no time. When your beauty sleep just can’t wait, grab a pack of makeup cleansing wipes!
The invention of wipes has obliterated all excuses to not remove your face paint. Not only do they rub away all traces of makeup, they do so without the need for water, cotton pads, or a mirror. Basically, wipes were designed for really lazy people who don’t want get breakouts as a result of their laziness. You can have your cake and eat it, too!

Check out the three picks below if you want to get bare-faced, fast:

SPLURGE: Pixi by Petra Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths, P499 A full face of makeup is impossible to remove without ending up with the dreaded raccoon eyes. Well, not anymore! With a few seconds of gentle pressure, Pixi’s pre-moistened towelettes melt off even waterproof formulas. Each sweep lifts away makeup, while a chamomile infusion ensures your skin is left soothed. Since you only need one wipe to power through all that glam, 40 pieces at P499 will last you well over a month!

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SAVE: Céleteque DermoScience Hydration Make-Up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes, P160 If your face transforms into an oil slick by end of the day, consider a pack of Céleteque’s wipes. The non-comedogenic formula in each piece removes makeup and excess sebum without breaking you out. Simply wield the wipe in circular strokes and you’ll be paint-free in seconds. Another thing we like about these babies is that they won’t leave your skin feeling tight. They’re saturated with Active Skin Hydrators, so it feels like you just slathered on moisturizer post-cleansing. And have we mentioned that they go for only P160 a pop? Stock up!

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STEAL: Bioré Cleansing Oil Facial Cotton Sheets (Handy Pack), P99 While the first two options are staples for your nightstand, Bioré’s world-famous wipes are ideal for frequent travelers. Don’t underestimate the palm-sized packaging—each sheet contains 20% more cleansing oil than Bioré’s regular wipes. And you get 10! The new-and-improved formula also includes a Hydrating Beauty Essence to condition the skin while you cleanse it. For only P99, and considering the soft and supple aftermath, this flight essential is the definition of sulit.

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So, will it be Pixi’s makeup-melting pack, Céleteque’s oil-eliminating wipes, or Bioré’s travel-friendly towelettes?