No toolkit is complete without a really good makeup sponge. Hardworking and so easy to use, the humble sponge is a must-have for beginners and pros alike. Most soft, squishy blenders favor an edgeless form, so the finish they create is 100% seamless. Expect no streaks, patchiness, or harsh lines—just picture-perfect skin. Bounce your way to a flawless base with one of the sponges below!

SPLURGE: Wunder2 Wunderblend, P400
The Wunderblend is everything a makeup sponge should be: soft, bouncy, and pocket-friendly. Its teardrop shape applies all types of base makeup, from foundation to contouring cream. Use the rounded bottom for large surface areas and the tapered end for hard-to-reach spots. Take note, this sponge is made from latex-free material, so it doesn’t tug on the skin! You can apply your makeup just like the pros: with ease, precision, and comfort.

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SAVE: Swan Egg Classic Blender, now on sale at P174 (limited time only)
Not willing to shell out hundreds for a tiny little sponge? The Swan Egg Classic Blender will save you. With its curved body and elastic shape, it gives high-end sponges a run for their money. It easily buffs out foundation and concealer, leaving behind a skin-like finish. All this for under 200 bucks!

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So, what’s your pick: Wunder2’s bouncy blender or Swan’s spongy steal?