For a makeup fiend, browsing the beauty section is like entering a toy shop on Christmas Day. There are literally thousands of products to peruse, from high-end finds to drugstore steals. But here’s the question: what’s worth the big investment, and where are you better off cutting corners?
In today’s edition of Splurge vs. Save, let’s investigate a basic beauty essential: loose powder. We’re giving you two choices—you give us the verdict!
SPLURGE: Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder, P1,650

If you’re more than willing to loosen your purse strings, Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder is considered the powder to beat. This Holy Grail product comes highly recommended by the biggest names in the beauty blogosphere, from Lisa Eldridge to Michelle Phan. On BeautyMNL, users have rated it 5 stars.

Made with the finest French cashmere talc, this translucent powder is guaranteed to leave a flawless, soft-focus finish on your skin and keep your makeup in place all day. The price tag? Hefty. The results? Priceless.

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SAVE: Y.E.T.’s Silky Loose Powder, P645

Tight budget? Welcome to the club! Here’s an insider tip: Korean products are a lifesaver when you’re pinching pennies. They’re not just affordable—they also deliver results that give Western favorites a run for their money!

Y.E.T’s Silky Loose Powder costs something like a third of Laura Mercier’s, so pocket-wise, it’s a nice alternative. This finely-milled formula brightens the complexion and provides sheer, smooth coverage that won’t settle into your pores or any fine lines. Like Laura Mercier’s loose powder, you can dust this silky stuff over your makeup as the finishing touch—whether your goal is to execute the baking technique for pore camouflage or simply keep oil at bay. Great find!

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Are you a high-end investor or a sucker for a sweet steal? Tell us your pick!