On bad skin days, all we want to do is hit refresh and start anew with the cleanest face possible. Alas, real life doesn’t change with a quick Command+R. The good news: a charcoal mask is the next best thing. When the going gets rough, just cover your face in this tar-black goo and watch it go from bad to good.

Charcoal works wonders, especially for oily and acne-prone skin. Its detoxifying power unclogs pores and clarifies the skin tone, even after a single use! Test it out with with our two masks of the moment, below.

SPLURGE: Origins Clear Improvement Mask (100ml), P1,500
There’s no denying the Clear Improvement Mask’s purifying prowess. A blend of bamboo charcoal and white China clay, this mask purges deep-dwelling dirt so your skin feels squeaky-clean. Its silken texture is like that of a dense moisturizer. You can build it up thick or keep it light ‘n’ sheer for a gentle detox. Either way, this award-winning mask sucks out excess oil and toxins that would otherwise stay buried in your pores. Blackheads, be gone!

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SAVE: Beauty Bakery Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask, P199
For beauties on a budget, the Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask is an unbeatable find. It has both the exfoliating effects of a scrub and the purifying properties of a clay. For that, you can thank its two main ingredients: charcoal and olive seeds. This dynamic duo decongests pores and refines spotted skin—resulting in a glowing, grease-free face. At only P199, sulit would be an understatement.

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What’s your pick: Origins’ award-winning goo or Beauty Bakery’s budget hybrid?