Some makeup choices are optional, while others are a must no matter what look you’re aiming for. Groomed brows definitely fall under the latter category. A good-looking pair can spell all the difference between a tired face and a totally fresh one! So today, we’re waxing poetic about brow mascara, the easiest swipe-and-go enhancement you can subject your arches to.
Many folks find catharsis in meticulous brow artistry, but for girls with no time, a tube of brow gel will streamline the entire process. A couple of swipes can tint, tame, and texturize your strands, creating the illusion of a lusher arch. Best of all, these babies require no expertise—just a few seconds of your time! Check out our top two picks, below.

SPLURGE: Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect, P990 Less than blessed in the brow department? The Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect features both a gel and a pencil for Cara Delevingne-worthy coverage. Its smudge-free, gel-based browcara first brushes your hairs into place and adds feathery texture. Then, the twist-up pencil lends you natural-looking color, even if you’re working with the sparsest of arches. You can use both ends for extra oomph or just the gel when you get lazy. Either way, this double-edged solution is foolproof.

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SAVE: e.l.f. Eyebrow Treat & Tame, P270 If funds are running low, trust in e.l.f.’s Eyebrow Treat & Tame to save you. Another dual-purpose product, this brow-booster provides an affordable route to manicured kilay. First, coat everything in the clear Treat gel—a vitamin-rich formula that stimulates hair follicles to make them thicker over time. Top this off with the tinted Tame gel—a pigmented browcara with special fibers that grip even the finest hairs. And there you have it: a beautifully buxom pair of brows that didn’t break the bank.

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What’s your wand of choice: the top-rated EOH hybrid or e.l.f.’s thickening treatment?