Is your body Bora-ready? No? You could dive into the blood, sweat, and tears of a last-minute gym sesh. But if you’re feeling lazy (like us!), why not experiment with a little modern magic? For today’s Splurge vs. Save, we’re talking about a brand-new summer staple: body-sculpting creams.
Infused with fat-burning ingredients, these slimming lotions claim to contour your figure and zap away unsightly cellulite. Well, well, well, that bikini stashed in the very back of your closet could finally see the light of day! It might take some time to see results—but if you’re a true #LazyGirl, that means you’ve got time to burn. Our picks below!

SPLURGE: Clarins Body Shaping Cream, now on sale at P3,515* Target problematic areas from tummy to thigh with the sumptuous Body Shaping Cream from Clarins. Apparently, it sculpts your curves in three ways: by optimizing fat release with poppy extracts, boosting firmness with garcinol, and tightening loose skin with quince extract. The price tag is a jaw-dropper, to say the least. But let’s weigh out your options, shall we? On one hand, you have a no-effort, high-performance cream; on the other hand, a monthly gym membership. What’ll it be?

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SAVE: Derminnovations Contour Body Sculpting Slimming Cream, P799 If you’re too skeptical to splurge, Derminnovations’ Body Sculpting Cream is approximately a fourth of the price. The SLIMEXIR formula supposedly breaks down excess fat that you can’t eliminate through exercise or diet. According to the brand, you can visibly reduce your problem areas by centimeters after one use. Hohoho! Sounds like a sayonara to cellulite.

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More curious about the Clarins cream or Derminnovations’ insta-slimmer? Sound off!

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*At the time of publication. Sale prices are for a limited time only.