You might have your facial moisturizer in the bag, but are you paying equal attention to the rest of your bod? For this week’s Splurge vs. Save, we’re shifting the spotlight to the super-hydrator you should be adding to your daily regimen: body oil. Luxurious to the touch and multi-purpose in nature, body oil takes skincare a step further. You can use it as a lotion, a massage oil, a skin-firming treatment, a component in your personal fragrance, and even as a hair oil (if you get a really hardworking bottle). Have we mentioned the Beyoncé-worthy glossiness it adds to your legs, arms, back, shoulders, and décolletage? Slather away with our two picks below!

SPLURGE: Nuxe Paris Multi Purpose Dry Oil / Huile Prodigieuse, P1,750 Snag a head-to-toe Parisian glow with Nuxe’s Multi Purpose Dry Oil, which just happens to be France’s No. 1 beauty oil. This top-shelf essential is a godsend for dry, sensitive skin types and (believe it or not) even brittle hair. Its velvety, non-greasy sheen and deeply hydrating effect come from a powerful combination of six precious botanical oils—namely, macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, camellia, and St. John’s Wort. Smooth it over rough patches of skin for instant relief, work it into dry hair for much-needed TLC, or just slather it all over your body for the fragrance. To quote a rave reviewer: “If elegance could be bottled, it would definitely smell like Huile Prodigieuse.”

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SAVE: Neutrogena Body Oil, P665 For an equally indulgent blend at half the price, Neutrogena’s Body Oil is a household favorite. When applied to damp skin, the lightweight sesame formula locks in moisture instantly! It’s not a perfumed oil like Nuxe’s—its scent is simpler, more spa-like—but it does share the same fast-absorbing quality and non-slippery sheen. Not to mention, this oil comes in a large bottle, so you get months-worth of product for just a little over 500 bucks! The sleek packaging also displays beautifully on any bathroom shelf (just sayin’). All things considered, this is one drugstore steal that’s anything but cheap.

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What’s your pick: Nuxe’s all-over elixir or Neutrogena’s economical classic?

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