Every now and then, a new “miracle” ingredient takes the beauty world by storm. It can be hard to distinguish what’s a gimmick and what’s the real deal—so when in doubt, we consult history. One beauty staple that’s never failed us since day one? Argan oil, the “liquid gold” native to Morocco. Argan oil is widely used as a moisturizing hair and skin treatment, but its benefits extend far beyond the superficial. Before it infiltrated the mainstream, this miracle-worker was commonly used by Moroccan women for pretty much every need: cosmetic, medicinal, even culinary. Now, Argan oil is stocked by every beauty boutique, physical and digital alike, because its healing and beautifying properties are no joke. If you’ve yet to grab yourself a bottle, try one of our two picks of the week!

SPLURGE: V&M Naturals Argan Oil, now on sale at P833 (limited time only) This pristinely-packaged oil is a worthy addition to your vanity, especially if you’re a fan of the sleek aesthetic. Like most products by local brand V&M, this elixir puts a modern twist on an ancient remedy. It’s composed of 100% pure Argan oil with an extra special kick: Karanja oil. Don’t worry, this additional ingredient won’t dilute the Argan content. Karanja oil is actually a natural preservative, so it amps up the benefits of the principal oil! With Karanja oil, this bottle of Argan doesn’t just boost moisture—it also treats eczema, psoriasis, and slow-healing wounds. Get the power of two miracle-working oils for the price of one!

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SAVE: Sooper Beaute Pure Argan Oil, now on sale at P405 (limited time only) Homegrown labels are clearly owning the beauty oil game, because we’ve got another local blend to boast of! Sooper Beaute’s Pure Argan Oil is loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants, and it’s the kind of product we’d call a “multi-hyphenate.” Its healing properties can control eczema, diminish acne, stimulate cell renewal for youthful skin, regulate dandruff, and even strengthen nail enamel. Basically, it’s a total treat from head-to-toe. For only P405, this all-around oil is worth every single drop.

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What’s your pick: V&M’s double-oil formula or Sooper Beaute’s total body blend?