Brow perfection à la Liza, Georgina, and Nadine doesn’t just happen by chance. Okay, fine, it’s mostly genetics—but a lot of it also involves practice, precision, and the perfect tools.

This is where angled brow brushes come in. Like their names suggest, these essential tools have bristles that are cut on a diagonal. This design picks up just the right amount of pigment, and more importantly, gives you delicate, hairlike strokes. So whether you’re filling in a few gaps or tracing out your entire brow shape, this brush makes everything look neat and natural. Here are two examples!

SPLURGE: Clover Collection Winged Liner/Brow Definer Brush, P230 Clover Collection knows that the way to a woman’s heart is through her brows. That’s why they came up with a super soft brow brush that basically defines luxury. Unlike other angled brushes, theirs has a curved short edge that makes your strokes look extra feathery. Dipped into brow gels and pomades, this does an excellent job of filling in sparse areas. Can we even call it a splurge when it costs a little over 200 bucks? (PS. You can use it for gel eyeliner, too).

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SAVE: Features and Shades Slanting Eyebrow Brush, P150 For truly broke girls, the FS Slanting Eyebrow Brush is a godsend. It has a classic angled brush head and slightly longer handle than most. This lets you wield it with ease as you trace out faux brow hairs, extend your tail, or raise your arch. At such an affordable price, this brush is highly recommended for newbies who’ve never owned a brow tool before and are looking to put in the practice.

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So, what’s your pick: Clover Collection’s dual-purpose tool or Features & Shades’ classic brow brush?