As much as we all complain about the heat and humidity, summer still excites us like no other season. It’s all for one reason and one reason only: beach trips! We don’t mind the sweat and frizz as long as we’ve got the sea in sight, and celebrity It Girl Solenn Heussaff certainly agrees.
Just last week, she flew to ClubMed in Bali for the annual Benefit Cosmetics Brow Beach Camp. It was a sunny few days of lounging, tanning, cocktail sippin’, and (most importantly) road-testing the brand’s cult-fave formulas against Bali’s scorching weather. Curious to see which ones fared best against the elements? Well, we’ve got the scoop!
Below, Solenn shares her personal makeup faves for a beach-ready, weather-proof face.

1. Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Gel, P1,660 SOLENN SAYS: “This is one of my favorites because I don’t even need to use a brow pencil, if like I’m rushing for work or rushing to the beach to tan. This one has super mini fibers from marshmallow extract (did you guys know that?) and adds more fullness and volume on your eyebrows.

I like those chunky, chunky eyebrows—so I comb it upwards and opposite to the growth of my hair, so it kinda creates that feathered look in a very natural way. You can actually layer this, so if you’re not happy with how thick your eyebrows are, you can just wait for it to dry a little and then keep doing it.”

Shop it here.

2. Precisely My Brow, P1,660 SOLENN SAYS: “I own the mini version of this, but I ran out of it because siyempre naman, fave ko. There’s a bigger version. It’s really nice ‘cause it helps you fill in all the bald spots by creating precise lines to resemble actual hair. My eyebrows are medyo full na, so all I do is fill in the gaps that I have and then create fake hair to make it a little bit more bushy. Boom!
They have different shades as well to match yours precisely and it’s very easy to use. You can even use it as eyeliner! I use it in other ways too, like adding fake freckles. You just dab it on your skin and then you pat with your fingers, so it looks more natural and blends in more seamlessly. It’s not a greasy texture, but it’s not dry, so it’s easy to manipulate.”

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3. Benetint, P1,900 SOLENN SAYS: “Of course, we all grew up with this one. This is perfect because it’ll give you that glow, and you can apply it on your lips as well for that natural pinkish look.

I always dab it with my finger so it looks even more natural. You want to put some on the cheeks as well (this will actually last you forever) and spread it by dabbing with your fingers, so you don’t create any marks. There! So fresh.”

Shop the mini here, the full-sized here, and the Mini Stocking Stuffer version here.

4. Hoola Bronzer, P1,990 SOLENN SAYS: “And of course, another staple from my high school years: the Hoola! The beach packaging is really cute—the bamboos remind me of summer and sun. This is my fave ‘cause I use it to contour my face and my eyes.

The brush also makes it easy, it kinda creates the shape already, so just keep it slanted. If you want you can just even use the “residue” powder (don’t add too much) to contour the nose on both sides. Contour the temples a little and under the chin for that defined jawline. It’s up to you if you want to add more contour para pasabog! And then I’m gonna use my fingers with the hoola to create an eye crease with the color, so it’s still natural.”

Shop the mini here, the full-sized here, and the Mini Stocking Stuffers version here.

5. The Porefessional Pearl Primer, P2,120 SOLENN SAYS: “This has a mattifying effect and a sheen at the same time, so you do get that glow even if your skin is matte. I put it on my cheeks, forehead, T-zone and just kind of spread it out, so it leaves your skin feeling smooth. It gives you that little summer glow that’s not too OA din sa beach, but at the same time you’re not oily or shiny. It’s so simple.”

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