Ever done your brows in transit? It’s tricky—and if you rely on an army of pencils and powders, even trickier. It almost makes a girl want to skip the whole process…NOT. Kilay is life, after all, and a good-looking pair is as important as a good skin day. But do you really have to lug around your entire makeup stash to achieve the dream?

The answer, apparently, is no. Why? Because Sleek’s newest brow baby does it all. Meet the Brow Intensity!

The Brow Intensity is billed as a “double-ended brow sculptor and highlighter.” We like to think of it as a magic wand. The Brow Sculptor on one end combines a spoolie brush and a chisel sponge, both soaked in cream pigment. The spoolie texturizes your brows, while the sponge provides extra definition. The Brow Highlighter on the other end is a retractable triangle-tip highlighting pencil. It’ll shape your brows to perfection and make your brow bone pop!
So here’s the tally, if you need it: with just one Sleek product, you get two brow tools, two brow formulas, and two perfect brows. Sound good? Here’s how to use it.


STEP 1: Comb your brows upwards and outwards using the spoolie.
STEP 2: Fill in any sparse areas with the chiseled sponge tip.
STEP 3: Stroke the highlighting pencil under the brow, tracing the arch. Blend with your finger.
BONUS: For the finishing touch, you can also apply the highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes.
Cool, right? Whether you want to fill in a few gaps or add some major definition, this multi-tasker is perfect for you. And like the name suggests, the Brow Intensity formula stays strong—and stays put—for hours and hours. It’s available in three combinations of brow cream and highlighter, which we’ve swatched below.

This just might be the brow savior you needed!

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The Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity retails for P695 and will be available on BeautyMNL this Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Get on the VIP waitlist right here!

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