So, you’ve pulverized those pimples, cleared out your complexion, and finally beaten that bad breakout. The good news? There isn’t the slightest active spot in sight. The not-so-good news? If your skin was a warzone, then you’re left with the battle scars—we’re talking discoloration, uneven texture, and overall skin damage.

All is not lost, though! With the right routine, it’s still possible to nourish your skin back to its healthiest state. The key is simple: strip down your regimen and go back to the basics.

Below, we’ve curated a simple 4-part guide on how to restore balanced, clear skin—and keep it that way!


First things first: make sure you have a spic ‘n’ span canvas to work with. Even the most restorative products won’t work to the best of their capacities, if you’ve got congested pores. This is why we always emphasize the importance of double-cleansing. FOR REMOVING MAKEUP: Start off with a good oil cleanser, like the Dear Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Oil. It’s blended with black bean, black sesame, and black currant seed oil, which work together to control sebum and deliver nutrients to the skin. It sweeps any dirt and debris off your skin’s surface. Shop it here. FOR FLUSHING AWAY RESIDUE: Next, use a luscious lather to get into the deeper layers of your skin. The Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Wash is known for its soothing, comforting properties—making it the perfect formula for sensitive, irritated skin. Shop it here.


Now that you’re clean and refreshed, it’s time to use treatments that precisely target your skin woes. For post-breakout recovery, use products that smoothen and brighten your complexion—specifically those that contain exfoliating acids and brightening ingredients. FOR SMOOTHENING TEXTURE: When it comes to smoothening out texture, an acid toner can work wonders quickly and gently. The ACWELL Licorice pH Balancing Toner is a gentle exfoliating solution, which helps reduce pigmentation and lighten dark spots. Shop it here. TRY: A BRIGHTENING SERUM: For an extra brightening boost, follow up with a scar-erasing serum like the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum, which is pumped with almost every botanical extract in the book. It promotes a healthy radiance, diminishes fine lines, and heals signs of damage. Shop it here.


With acne-prone skin, you probably produce a little too much sebum for your barrier to manage. And no matter how oily you think you are, you do need a hydrator to keep your moisture levels in check. This ensures that your skin maintains equilibrium, and remains resistant against potential damage. FOR FAST-SINKING MOISTURE: If you already have a go-to moisturizer, try the Dewytree Ultra Vitalizing Snail Essence Water. It conditions the skin, leaves a refreshing feeling, and gives an added kick of hydration that absorbs in seconds. Shop it here. FOR BASIC HYDRATION: Moisturizer is a non-negotiable step, regardless of whether your skin is healthy or not. The Farmstay Horse Oil Jeju Mayu Complete Cream is concocted with horse oil, oleic acid, and linoleic acid, which helps energize, revitalize, and restore elasticity. After all, frequent breakouts can make you look older than you really are. This miracle worker should help reclaim your youthful glow! Shop it here.


To ensure your skin’s full recovery, the last thing you want is to exacerbate any existing damage. Even UV exposure alone will deepen and darken acne scars, so sun protection is a must! Besides that, consistent nourishment in the form of reparative serums and other healing formulas go a long way, too. FOR PREVENTING DARKER SCARS: The Esfolio Multi Grain Sun Cream should help protect your skin against UV damage and free radicals. It’s packed with grain, rice, and oat extracts, which help calm signs of irritation and inflammation. Shop it here. FOR REPAIRING BARRIER DAMAGE: You can also treat yourself to the COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule. It’s made up of pure black bee propolis, which is a widely-known skin restorative. It leaves your skin bright and dewy round-the-clock, proving that its benefits only get better in time. Shop it here.

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