As you grow older, your skin becomes less and less resistant to all kinds of factors: the environment, lifestyle and habits, as well as hormonal changes through the years. That said, it’s crucial to know how to tailor-fit your routine for your skin’s evolving needs. Below, see a quick breakdown of which products you should be adding to your routine, depending on your age.

While this is only a rough guide—skincare can be as intensive or simple as you see fit—we hope it provides a better picture of how to keep your skin healthy, for as long as possible!


Teen angst can leave you troubled, but your skin doesn’t have to be. The key is to set that regular habit of caring for your skin, keeping your T-Zone in check, and mitigating those hormonal breakouts.

1. DOUBLE CLEANSE: Banila Co. Clean It Zero Original (100ml), P945, + Banila Co. Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser (150ml), P595. Shop the cleansing balm here and the facial wash here.
Clean skin is healthy skin, which is why this double-cleansing duo makes the perfect first step to your routine. They rid your pores of dirt and make sure your skin is ready for the rest of your skincare.

WHEN TO USE IT: Double-cleansing should always be the first step in your morning and evening routine. First, use the cleansing balm to remove excess oil in the morning or makeup at the end of the day. Then, use the facial wash to rinse off any remaining dirt.

2. TONER: Human Nature Hydrating Toner (200ml), P185. Shop it here.
Your skin is extra reactive, so using harsh formulas might not be a good idea. This gentle solution cools and soothes sensitive skin, and is enriched with moringa seed extract for that added boost of nutrients.

WHEN TO USE IT: Apply toner immediately after cleansing your face and before all other products. It’ll prep your skin for better absorption and enhance the effects of the rest of your routine.

3. MOISTURIZER: COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion, P1,040. Shop it here.
The golden rule of skincare? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize—even and especially if you’re an oily type. This lightweight hydrator calms signs of inflammation, lifts off dead skin cells, and improves overall texture.

WHEN TO USE IT: Apply moisturizer after toning and right before your sunblock.

4. SPF: Bioré UV Watery Essence, P488. Shop it here.
At any age, sunscreen should be part of your daily routine. Not only does it shield your skin from UV damage, but it protects it from free radicals and other environmental stressors.

WHEN TO USE IT: Sunblock should always be the last step in your morning routine. When it comes to your nighttime skincare, however, you can skip this product altogether.


Most people probably mistake you for a college freshman, but take this as a compliment—your collagen levels and cellular turnover are still at their peak. Keeping your skin moisturized can retain its natural radiance and plumpness.

1. HYDRATING ESSENCE: Dewytree Snail Essence Water, P1,299. Shop it here.
Long work hours and commutes can leave your skin fatigued and dehydrated. This snail-enriched serum can instantly invigorate your appearance. It also heals dark spots, acne scars, and other signs of damage.

WHEN TO USE IT: The general rule of skincare is to apply products depending on their consistency, from the thinnest to the thickest. Since essences tend to be watery, apply them after toner and serum (if any), but before cream or moisturizer.

2. EYE CREAM: Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream, P2,250. Shop it here.
Are dark circles dimming your day? This brightening salve firms up sagging areas, balances skin tone, and promotes an energized look. It also prevents the appearance of crow’s feet, which is one of the first signs of aging and can appear as early as your 20s.

WHEN TO USE IT: Since eye cream is isolated only to the immediate area around your eyes, you can insert this step in any part of your routine. But as a rule of thumb, it’s normally applied before or after moisturizer.


It’s begun—dynamic wrinkles have showed up, and are most likely there to stay! It’s time to explore anti-aging products, particularly those that energize the complexion, refresh tired skin, and boost the production of newer cells.

1. PEELING TONER: Pixi by Petra Pixi Glow Tonic (100ml), P1,050. Shop it here.
Get that glo-up back! This sparkling potion refines skin texture and soothes signs of inflammation, restoring that healthy radiance. It’s packed with some of your favorite ingredients: witch hazel, ginseng, and aloe vera.

WHEN TO USE IT: As with any toner formulation, apply a peeling toner immediately after cleansing. You can alternate this step with your hydrating toner (mentioned above) to avoid over-exfoliation.

2. DETOXIFYING TREATMENT: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (454g), P525. Shop it here.
If you’ve already tried this earthen, pore-pulsing mix, then keep going. Not only does it decongest the pores, but it also accelerates cellular turnover (which may have slowed down a notch in the past year or so).

WHEN TO USE IT: With a clay mask this powerful, we recommend using it up to only once a week, after cleansing and before toner.


The good news? You’re thirty, flirty, and thriving! The not-so-good news? Your skin gradually loses its ability to efficiently produce collagen. You’ve got both dynamic and static wrinkles, plus skin damage is more difficult to recover from.

1. RETINOL: The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, P560. Shop it here.
It’s time to get on the retinol hype, especially since this powerful ingredient is packed with everything you need. It targets almost every preliminary sign of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, texture, and sagging.

WHEN TO USE IT: Retinol is a highly potent and concentrated treatment. For best results, apply it immediately after toner and before serums, essences, and the rest of your routine. And keep in mind: retinol must be used during your evening routine only, as it makes the skin more sensitive to sun exposure. Lastly, when using retinol, avoid using other acids and exfoliants at the same time to avoid damaging your moisture barrier.

2. INTENSIVE NIGHT CREAM: Farmstay Horse Oil Jeju Mayu Complete Cream, P998. Shop it here.
For an effective treatment that works round-the-clock, this one is definitely your BFF. This particular formula is also pumped with horse oil and oleic acid, which smoothen the skin and deliver moisture to deeper layers.

WHEN TO USE IT: In the evening, apply night cream after your serums and essences. You may layer it over a lighter moisturizer for extra hydration.


They say 40 is the new 30, and with the right routine, it is possible to look ten years younger! Opt for a routine that directly combats sagging, puffiness, and dullness. Look out for formulas that are rich in peptides and antioxidants—these will help assist cell repair and get rid of toxins.

1. BRIGHTENING TREATMENT: Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence, P2,700. Shop it here.
For sunspots and damage, this miracle tonic corrects imperfections and restores elasticity. Its hero ingredient is Fissione, which is made of 80% yeast concentrate and promotes healthy skin function.

WHEN TO USE IT: As with any essence, it must be applied after toner and serum (if any), but before cream or moisturizer.

2. FACIAL OIL: Skin Revolution Pure 100% Rose Hip Oil (10ml), now on sale P325 (limited time only). Shop it here.
Rosehip oil is nature’s fountain of youth—we’re not kidding. It’s teeming with vitamins and essential fatty acids, which work together to improve texture and reduce pigmentation.

WHEN TO USE IT: Facial oil is typically the thickest product in terms of consistency. Apply it as the last step in your evening routine, and last in your morning routine if you have very dry skin. Make sure your moisturizer has completely absorbed before application.

3. JADE ROLLER: Modern Rituals Jade Facial Roller, now on sale at P920 (limited time only). Shop it here.
By now, blood circulation has slowed down and you might be experiencing puffiness and stiffness in the facial muscles. This facial massager promotes lymphatic drainage, stimulates cellular turnover, and also promotes better absorption of skincare products.

WHEN TO USE IT: To help products absorb better, use a facial roller after you’ve completed your entire routine. We recommend using it at night. But if you want to make this part of your morning routine as well, make sure to use it after moisturizer and before sunblock.


By now, estrogen levels have dropped, and your skin and cellular turnover have taken a drastic slowdown. Lifestyle habits also start to fully reveal themselves—if you spent much of your 20s and 30s smoking, for example, discoloration and dryness are more prominent than ever.

Apart from keeping up with your skincare routine, consider investing in more potent anti-aging solutions. (At this age, they’re also best complemented with in-clinic treatments. Laser facials, for instance, can provide more drastic yet lasting results.)

1. EGF-ENHANCED SOLUTION: Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop, P1,570. Shop it here.
After menopause, the skin layers thin out and recovery slows down. This azure concoction is jam-packed with a powerful skin-rebuilding protein, otherwise known as Epidermal Growth Factor. It assists your cells in healing and recovery, and increases fiber production.

Although the results are not instant, you can look forward to a subtle glow and a restored complexion that, just like you, only grows better in time.

WHEN TO USE IT Just like serums, this type of treatment is best applied on bare skin. Apply it immediately after toner.

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