First came BB, then CC, and now, WW cream? Looks like the beauty industry is on a mission to utilize the whole alphabet, if you ask us. But while it may be tempting to try every single “alphabet cream” (as these concoctions have been nicknamed), you only need to know which formula your skin actually needs.

Pretty much all these multi-taskers offer the same basics: protection, coverage, and SPF. But when it comes to texture, ingredients, and main benefits, you’ll need to choose wisely! Find out which base is best for you with our quick guide, below.

BEST FOR: Your-skin-but-better base makeup

BB Creams—also known as “blemish balms“—are multipurpose creams with medium coverage and skincare-centric formulas. Think of BB as the lovechild of foundation and a moisturizing sunblock! Besides providing a natural finish, these creams usually offer hydration, sun protection, and sometimes even anti-aging properties. By combining both makeup and skincare benefits, they eliminate the need for a lengthy multi-step routine. Perfect for girls on the go!

TRY: Pink Sugar It’s Awesome BB Cream, P499

BEST FOR: Minimizing redness and discoloration

CC Cream was the first spinoff of the original BB cream, but it actually serves its own purpose: color correction. These creams provide sheer coverage, so they’re not exactly foundation substitutes. They are, however, designed to minimize redness, blur dark spots, and add glow—all without making you look overly done. Often infused with light-reflecting particles, these brightening formulas work wonders for dull, sallow skin.

TRY: Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream SPF 30 PA++, P1,215

BEST FOR: Brightening sun-damaged, aging skin

A lesser-known cousin of BB and CC creams, WW stands for whitening and wrinkle control. These anti-aging formulas are specifically made for mature skin types. Using ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and arbutin, they help plump up fine lines, provide intensive moisture, and counteract dullness. In other words, expect radiant, youthful-looking skin with continued use. Sounds like a winner, if you ask us!

TRY: San San WW Cream, P180