Call it the rise of the lazy girls—or whatever explanation you can make for the world’s dedication to off-duty dressing. Beauty-wise, you’ve got no-makeup makeup; hair-wise, you’ve got the half-bun.
When we first spotted this half-down, top-knot style on Rihanna in 2015, it left us pretty cold. It’s a strange hybrid, you’ve got to admit! But this year, with minimalism and natural texture at the heart of all hair trends, it’s kind of the best thing ever. You get volume at the bottom to frame the face, but also a tight little bun to keep things neat. Best of all, it requires next-to-no effort.

Sold? Get your fill of the half-bun hairstyle from the 10 trendsetters below.

1. Kathryn Bernardo sports an athleisure-inspired half bun with soft waves.

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2. Solenn Heussaff’s weekend version is oh-so-delicate.

3. Jessy Mendiola offsets her jaunty bun with face-framing locks.

4. Loose curls and boy-brows toughen up Andi Eigenmann’s half bun.

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5. Arci Muñoz’s cascading waves complement her tiny top knot.

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6. Bea Alonzo’s pin-straight style proves this trend can be tidy, too.

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7. We like big buns and we cannot lie! Rhian Ramos’ bumped-up chignon is the best accessory for a cocktail party.

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8. Sarah Labhati is serving us face, body, and bun in equally flawless measure.

9. A half-bun on a lob, like Tricia Centenera’s, is the definition of cool. Off-duty excellence!

10. On a rainy day, Camille Co elevates her candy-toned hair with a vibrant knot. (Where, oh, where did she get that charming umbrella?)

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Will you be half-bunning for the -ber months?

Photos via Instagram: @rjdelacruz, @solennheussaff, @jakegalves, @senorita_jessa, @ramonathornes, @beaalonzo, @whianwamos, @sarahlahbati, @triciacentenera, @itscamilleco