Sarah Lahbati is the kind of woman who toes the line between cherubic and seductive. With her doe-eyed gaze, bee-stung lips, and cascading locks, the celeb mom wows in pretty much anything. So when TRESemmé handpicked Sarah as one of their newest ambassadors, we weren’t surprised in the least. If there’s one thing the metamorphic beauty is known for, it’s her ever-changing hairstyles and fearless dye jobs. Which begs the following question: how does she maintain that amazing head of hair?
Well, lucky for you, we got to ask Sarah ourselves! BeautyMNL caught up with the TREsetter for a quick chat during TRESemmé’s annual Runway Ready Fashion Show. And girls, she dished on everything—from bad hair days to her most memorable ‘do to date. Read on for the deets!
What’s your secret to good hair days in tropical weather?

SARAH: “Hair oil, and making sure I have good shampoo that has keratin. And conditioning—conditioner is so important.”

We know you as a hair chameleon. What’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

SARAH: “I had a production number for ASAP where I danced to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Burlesque.’ I had huge curly hair with lots of extensions—like, until my waistline. It was so heavy and so curly and so full of product! I had a hard time fixing my hair again the next day. That was a memorable one.”

Which hairstyle makes you feel most confident?

SARAH: “Soft waves. I love soft waves. It’s very feminine, I feel like it’s very me, and you can wear it from day to night.”

Name three beauty products you must have at all times.

SARAH: “Hair oil, cleanser, and toner.”

What’s the most unforgettable beauty advice you’ve gotten from working in showbiz?

SARAH: “Always wash your face after a long day of makeup [and] before sleeping.”

If you could only have one thing, what would you choose: good hair, good brows, or good skin?

SARAH: “All three!”
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