Perfumes are something that I love to give as gifts because of how much they tickle the senses. Whenever I pick up a bottle, not only do I get attracted by the scent, but also by the look and feel of the flagon. I start to create a personality for each perfume, which helps me match it perfectly to the friends or relatives on my gift list. Allow me to introduce three of my favorite fragrances for this season, and the unique personalities they embody.


Playful and flirty, Poppy Flower fills the room with a sweet and vibrant bouquet of innocence. She’s always got a warm smile ready for any newcomers, making anyone and everyone feel welcome. Her smile lights up even the darkest day, and she leaves a trail of assorted fruits and flowers with each step she takes. Poppy is friendly, courageous, and joyful. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she brings spring to any time of the year with her love for life. Shop the scent.


Be Delicious always starts her day looking fresh and energetic. She’s a mix of everything naughty and nice. Besides her individualistic personality, you’ll notice one obvious trait from the get-go: a certain liking for green apples. Don’t let your guard down, however, because this cool girl has a few surprises up her sleeve. She’s a little coy and leaves room for the imagination when you first meet her. Your initial impression changes as you get to know her more, leaving you with sudden thoughts of roses, lilies, and a sandalwood forest. Shop the scent.


Bloom exudes elegance, confidence, and sophistication. She saunters into a room wrapped in earthy cashmere, and her mannerisms are subtle and delicate. She’s the type of gal who is ready to take on the world, but never forgets her afternoon tea (a rosy blend), which she always takes with a grapefruit blossom on the side. Successful and independent, Bloom leaves a long-lasting impression on those who are lucky enough to meet her. Shop the scent in three sizes: 100ml, 50ml, and 30ml.

Illustrations by Karen Pamintuan. Each illustration was hand-drawn on paper and tinted with makeup.