A bath, some deo, and your go-to bottle of cologne may be plenty on a regular day, but if you want to smell extra nice for a special night—well, a few additional steps in your routine may just do the trick. But first, let us fill you in on the basics of layering your fragrances.

It may sound complicated, but the concept is simple: it’s all about mixing and matching scents to create something a little more unique. It’s common with perfumes (as pioneered by Jo Malone), but you can also layer various formulas together—hair and body washes, scrubs, body oils—for a holistically fragrant finish.

For basic layering, it helps to anchor your layers on your perfume for the night. Then, play around with products that complement the notes in your pick. For our routine below, we’re going with a fresh, floral, and feminine theme, so expect roses, strawberries (fruity + floral = winning combo!), and a few herbal touches for balance.

Still a little lost? See our basic guide to fragrance layering (with a few in-theme product recos), below!


Depending on its length, texture, and general health, your hair can hold on to fragrance quite well, so you can treat it as your first layer of scent. Pick out a shampoo and conditioner duo that not only smells great and delicately lingers after it’s rinsed off, but is also gentle on your hair and scalp. For this routine, we’re going with a duo that imparts a warm and rosy fragrance that works as a gorgeous base.

TRY: Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Hair Care Gift Bundle, P780


Giving yourself a good scrub before a special night might just be that extra thing you do to feel like your most glow-y self! By sloughing off dead skin cells, you renew the surface of your skin, giving it a polished, ultra smooth texture. Exfoliating also makes it easier for products to absorb into your skin, which means your next body care steps become so much more effective.

TRY: Beauty Bakery Decadent Body Scrub in Fresh Strawberries + Green Tea, P225


Unless you have perpetually odorless and sweat-free pits, you’d probably benefit from a quick spritz of natural deodorant before a night out. Besides being better for you than your usual chemical-laden antiperspirant, it’ll also keep you smelling super fresh no matter the situation. For this routine, we’d recommend something with a subtle herbal scent to balance out all the fruity and floral!

TRY: Zenutrients Rosemary Deodorant Spray Lotion (100ml), P300


After exfoliating, your skin might feel a little on the dry side, so be sure to re-hydrate with a body oil or lotion right after. Since your body’s freshly buffed, the product should absorb seamlessly and moisturize even deeper. What’s more, a scented option would stay on your skin for longer, leaving you with a silky smooth bod that smells phenomenal!

TRY: Scentence Secret Bouquet Body Lotion, P1,080


If you pick up an elegantly scented hair and body mist, you can opt to spritz it all over for a head-to-toe wash of fragrance. Combined with the right hair products and moisturizer, the mist will act as a scent topper that gives everything a cohesive—but not cloying—aroma. Just be sure to opt for a mist that can complement, not overwhelm, the rest of your products.

TRY: Lauren & Co. Beauty Hair & Body Mist with Aloe Extracts in Provence, P399


For the scent savvy, perfume can act like a signature piece of clothing that truly completes a look. If you’ve got a bottle you use for special occasions, consider building this routine around that. For this, we’ve opted for a rose perfume with a powdery suede base, to keep things floral-forward but still evening-appropriate.

Only apply your perfume at select points: inner wrists and elbows, behind your earlobes and knees, and at the base of your throat. Like the mist, you want to apply just enough to enhance your overall scent, without making your perfume a distracting addition.

TRY: Scent Swatch Old Rose Eau de Parfum, P399

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