When a pimple shows up uninvited, it can be tempting to squeeze the zit out of existence. (Even if it’s generally not recommended.) Instead, save your skin from the trauma, scarring, and possibly even more breakouts, by treating the unexpected blemish with as little prodding andpoppingas possible.

In case you’re in unfamiliar territory, here we show you exactly how to go about it 2 simple steps—a tried-and-tested trick to use in case of emergencies. Done right, this should speed recovery just in time for your date. Scroll!


Start with a clean face. Then, wrap an ice cube with a thin cloth (or paper towel) and apply this on your pimple for 2-3 minutes. Since this cooling method works to relieve inflammation, it can help shrink the size of swollen, angry pimples and calm redness—leaving the blemish less visible.


At the end of your skincare routine, apply a spot treatment that promotes wound healing with anti-irritating properties, like Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (30ml). It’s made with soothing centella asiatica extract (remedies blemishes and scars) and anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and guaiazulene, which both help to alleviate red, angry skin. Be sure to keep your fingers from touching your face as it can slow down repair. Top with an acne patch in the morning.

While we won’t promise your surprise breakouts will be completely gone by morning, toning down rogue pimples by size or redness will make a huge difference and make them easier to conceal. Let us know if you have any personal tips you follow and share it with us in the comments, below!

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