Dry shampoo isn’t exactly breaking news—we’ve been waxing poetic about it for years! But if you’re late to the party, allow us to school you on the product that’s about to change your hair game forever. No, really.


Dry shampoo is a starch-based scalp-cleansing formula that comes in the form of a loose powder or aerosol spray. Basically, it tricks people into thinking you’ve showered (just kidding…sort of). By soaking up excess grease and odor, dry shampoo instantly transforms lifeless hair into a fresh and bouncy crowning glory. No water needed!

And it’s not just for lazy girls, mind you. Daily use of the traditional wet shampoos can actually strip your scalp of natural oils you actually need. So, once in a while, it’s a good idea to swap the suds for a dry spritz.


As much as we adore the lived-in, rockstar vibe of our hair between washes, an oily scalp can really cramp your style. It doesn’t smell pretty, either. Enter dry shampoo! Just a few sprays (or shakes, depending on the type you get) will de-grease your situation. Not just that—dry shampoo doubles as a subtle volumizer, adding body to limp, weighed-down locks. The cherry on top? This stuff’s invisible once applied. No one ever has to know about your dirty little hair secret. Ever.


1. Shake before you spritz. If you’re using a powder, a quick shake gets rids of any unwanted buildup and clumps.
2. Part your hair into thick sections. Evenly distribute the product in between these sections.
3. If you’re using a spray, hold it at least six inches away from your scalp. Spray too close and you’ll end up with super stiff hair.
4. Let the product settle onto your roots. Take a two-minute break to allow the formula to absorb excess oil.
5. Gently massage your scalp. Use the tips of your fingers to work the shampoo into your roots until it disappears. Ta-da!

WATCH: Our Officemates Try Dry Shampoo for the First Time


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