I own around 400 lipsticks at this point—but none are as special as the four in my brand-new collaboration with Pink Sugar Cosmetics. When Laveen Rohit, co-founder of Pink Sugar, reached out to me early this year about creating something for their brand, I could not say no! I’ve always wanted the chance to design my own lipstick colors, and there was no way I would pass up the opportunity. That is exactly how the Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lip Crayon Collection came to be.
The challenge was this: if I could only have four colors, which ones would I include in my first Lip Crayon collab? This was so much harder than it initially sounded. To make it easier, I narrowed it down according to what a Project Vanity girl—like myself and the women I work with—would need on her lips. What occasions does she go to? How does she pick out what to wear? What would she gravitate towards every week?
The result was the quartet of shades below, which I think is perfect for the Filipina spectrum. See the swatches and find out where I would suggest you wear each shade!


THE COLOR: This is a universal “my lips but better” color that should flatter all skin tones. I know, I know, sounds like such a big promise—but in my experience, one can never go wrong with a warm brown pink.

THE OCCASION: This can be worn anywhere, at any time! Take it to a first date or a big work presentation, a fancy party or a casual get-together with friends—the versatility of the shade will complement any kind of look. PS. This is our bestseller so far!


THE COLOR: This is a trendy peachy cocoa that all your friends are sure to ask about. It’s not too brown as to look intimidating, but it’s not a plain nude either. It’s got some attitude!

THE OCCASION: Love at First Swipe is the perfect lipstick for a chic brunch at that new bistro or a weekend getaway with your amigas. Wear it with a matte eyeshadow and your coolest sneaks, and face the world in style!


THE COLOR: This is a pick-me-up pink that will boost a sallow complexion or give you a pep in your step on gloomy day. Rain got you down? Skin looking duller than usual? Or simply in a so-so mood? Then you will love Ready In Five.

THE OCCASION: In my opinion, this shade is made for flirting! Wear it on a fun outing with your S.O., or take it out for a spin when you’re feeling extra girly.


THE COLOR: Craving for a sexy lipstick to liven up that perfect LBD? Look no further than Nothing To Wear! It’s a deep plum that’s sure to bring attention to your pout.

THE OCCASION: This one’s made for the club or even a formal function—it’s all in the way you style it. You could keep the rest of your makeup simple with just a cat-eye and big lashes, or go all out with plum-toned smoky eyes. Whichever route you take, Nothing To Wear will have all eyes on you.
Which color is your fave? The textures of these Lip Crayons are oh-so-creamy, and the formula is non-drying even though it’s designed to be matte. Try one out and see for yourself!

The Pink Sugar x Project Vanity Matte Lip Crayon Collection is available on BeautyMNL. Shop the shades by clicking their names: Woke Up Like This, Love At First Swipe, Ready in Five, Nothing To Wear. Each Lip Crayon retails for P399.

Photos by Liz Lanuzo