Few things reveal as much about people as the scents that call to them. Those who have a preference for all things citrus are likely to be big on the summertime love, too. Those who like flowery, romantic scents tend to be flowery, romantic people, and so on.

Here, we delve deeper into what these five room mists by Home Haven Scents say about the people who can’t get enough of them. Only good things, we promise:

WHAT YOU CHOSE: Cosmopolitan Bloom
WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: A hint of springtime

This vibrantly youthful mist carries freesia and guava notes that would instantly remind you of Sunday brunches, freshly plucked flowers, and pretty, blush pink lipsticks. It’s a soft, floral scent that embodies life. Spray it everywhere to let the light shine in.

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WHAT YOU CHOSE: Fresh Laundry But Better

If you’ve ever sunk into a hotel mattress that felt like a cloud and smelled like heaven, this mist is that. Lime and grapefruit are tinged with a woody oak aroma to achieve a scent that’s as squeaky-clean as a five-star hotel room you’ve just checked into.

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WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: A comfortable balance

You’ll find the mixture of scents in this one a little hard to distinguish — and that’s by design. They blend beautifully into each other. Sweet lemon and pineapple find the yin to their yang in spicy pink pepper: together they create a unisex mist that has a little something for everyone.

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WHAT YOU CHOSE: Imaginary Boyfriend
WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: A musky cuddle buddy

With traces of mint and ginger that settle into a distinctly handsome scent, this mist conjures up vivid images of wrinkled white shirts and tight hugs. Spritz this all over your room, blast some Red-era Taylor Swift, and think about that boy you’ve been crushin’ on for months. We know he’s cute. No shame!

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WHAT YOU CHOSE: Welcome Home
WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: A sense of place

Think of this one as exactly what you’d want to come home to after a long day, because that’s what it is. Scented with cardamom, lemon, and woody notes, this mist builds a pleasant, casual atmosphere that can make any room feel like just the place for you.

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