Your mom was probably your OG stylist. Growing up, she dressed you in onesies, pinafore dresses, overalls, and everything else in-between. Until now, she may give her styling inputs from time to time, like when your outfit is too hubadera.

For Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to let our officemates’ moms choose an outfit for them once again. Watch these 3 moms take on this styling challenge and see what their daughters thought about their new outfits!


NICKY’S MOM, MYLENE: “Nicky’s style is a mix of sexy and classy, with a bit of skin. Syempre when you’re young, go diba? But in terms of colors, she chooses safe colors like white, brown, and black.”

MARA’S MOM, GRACE: “Mara’s more into colors like black, beige, and tan. Yun naman ang type niya pero sexy, kasi sexy naman siya. She likes clothes that show her shape and an acceptable amount of skin.”

MAIA’S MOM, LIEZL: “Maia’s style is confidently playful. Like a typical millennial, she likes following some trends and whatever’s stylish, but she tends to gravitate towards what’s comfortable.”


NICKY’S MOM, MYLENE: Nicky’s mom picked an olive green top from Tansshop because of its neutral color. She also chose the same pair of white pants from V.Alice Clothing (the same that Nicky picked out for her!) and a pair of classy Renée the Label Becca Earrings.

Nicky wears the Tansshop Ruffle Trim Top, P1,200, the V.Alice Clothing Pippa Pants in White, P525, and the Renée the Label Becca Earrings, P350. Shop them here, here, and here.

MARA’S MOM, GRACE: Mara’s mom chose a pink one-shoulder long-sleeve shirt from Tansshop because she likes the color (but Mara doesn’t), a pair of white cropped jeans from Mantou Clothing, and a pair of Penny Pairs’ Dia Earrings. She chose this outfit because it’s something that’s fresh, young, and mabango. It’s something Mara can wear from work to a dinner date.

Mara wears the Tansshop One Shoulder Long Sleeved Shirt, P1,270, the Mantou Clothing Shim b’s Straight Crop Jeans, P999, and Penny Pairs Dia Earrings, P449. Shop them here, here, and here.

MAIA’S MOM, LIEZL: She chose a V-neck top from Candid Clothing for its flattering look. In keeping with her playfulness, she matched with a pair of blue shorts from Chelsea because of its side ribbons and length. For Maia’s earrings, she chose a pair of rectangular acrylic earrings from Kera & Co. It’s consistent with her personality of being confidently playful.

Maia wears the Candid Clothing Wrinkle-free Kimono Blouse, P590, Chelsea Emerald Embellished Shorts P545, and the Kera & Co.’s Tasha Earrings, P380 (available for a limited time only). Shop them here, here, and here.


NICKY: “I really liked it. The first time my mom showed it to me I was like, “Aw mom, I think my arms are going to be too big for it” and I thought it was too girly because of the ruffles. But I really like it!”

MARA: “I surprisingly liked it even though it’s pink and I don’t usually wear pink. It’s the wearable shade of pink so it’s something feel ko carry naman. And I like that it’s girly but not overly dressy, so it’s something I can still wear on a casual day.”

MAIA: “I like it because it’s very much within my color scheme and it looked comfortable. It was just the right amount of girly with the ribbons in the shorts.”

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