As we spend the majority of our time at home under quarantine, snacks can be a big source of comfort—whether as a way to refuel in the middle of WFH day or unwind while binge-watching a series.

When it comes to snacking, our customers seem to be in agreement over one thing: Snack Box’s Brownie Crunches are an instant favorite. Numerous people have raved over these delicious, chocolate brittles—there are hundreds of reviews in total! It’s easy to understand why: these delectable treats have a solid chocolate flavor without being too sweet, and don’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or pre-mixes. In short, these brownie crunches are healthier than other prepackaged chocolate-flavored snacks out there.

The Brownie Crunches come in 3 scrumptious flavors—there’s something in here for everyone. Here are some rave customer reviews for each one!


“I still think about this from time to time. I added this to my cart to get free shipping, and not to sound dramatic, but it changed my life. It’s really delicious—think of thin, crispy, chocolate-y brownies. They’re not too sweet, just the right amount to compliment the chocolate and not overshadow it. After I type this, I will be adding this (and the other variants to try) [in] my basket. I hope these are easily available at local groceries.” — Kenstar, 28
“I love this brownie crunch!!! As a chocolate lover, I am very satisfied with this product, I couldn’t stop munching on it once I started. For [its] price, I was actually surprised that it was big. I only got mine today and I already finished the first box on the first hour” — Diane, 22

“This is one of the best snacks on BeautyMNL! Love the Triple Chocolate flavor and definitely understand why it’s a bestseller. It’s made of unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder so it’s not too sweet. This is perfect for guilt-free snacking because it’s made of 100% natural ingredients and it has no preservatives and artificial flavors.” — Merryll

The Triple Chocolate Brownie Crunch is exclusively available on BeautyMNL for P88. Shop it right here.


“I bought this on a whim. I was craving for something sweet and saw this on sale, bought it, and checked out. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST IMPULSIVE BUY I EVER MADE. This brownie crisps are RICH. INDULGENT. PERFECT. I absolutely loved it. Will I repurchase? Yes. Maybe 10 more boxes. Or more. Lol.” — Ghie, 21

“I’m really a fan of anything with a salted caramel flavor that’s why I was really curious to try this snack and it didn’t fail me! THE BEST SNACK EVER. The sweetness and saltiness with a crunch is just so PERFECT I can’t help myself from eating it.” — Vivienne, 24
“Perfect remedy for your sweet tooth. I’m super happy with this one! I love the other flavors but this [is] my favorite. I love the caramel and the hints of salt in here. It’s the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. I also appreciate how the pieces aren’t broken and crumbly. They used good ingredients and is cleaner and healthier than the mass-produced ones you get at the grocery store.” — Adrienne, 30

The Salted Caramel Brownie Crunch is exclusively available on BeautyMNL for P88. Shop it right here.


“I ordered this because I want this to be my last non-vegan treat because I want to transition into veganism really soon. Not trying to be dramatic whatsoever but eating this feels like a sin because it’s that good.” — MA, 44
“Super yummy! No regrets in buying and will buy more! The packaging was dented but the brownies were still good. Perfect alternative for sweet desserts especially if you feel cravings after having meals. The chocolate taste is not too sweet nor bland in taste. The chia and flaxseeds add to the crunch of the brownie. Very perfect combination, never knew these would taste well together. I like the taste so much and will hoard if there is a sale!” — Angelica, 24

“I like the crunchy texture and the sweet but not overwhelming taste of this product. I also think the cacao nibs made this a bit more unique as compared to the other similar products that I have seen around. I will definitely buy again and share this with my family and friends. In general, I love the cute packaging, my friends were happy when I gave them this as [a] Christmas gift.” — Erika, 29

The Roasted Cacao Nibs with Chia and Flax Seeds Brownie Crunch is exclusively available on BeautyMNL for P88. Shop it right here.

Want to find out if these brownie crunches are worth the hype? Try Snack Box’s chocolate treats! Our impassioned reviewers will attest that you won’t regret it.

Minor edits have been made to quotes for brevity and clarity.

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