When you think whey protein, “delicious” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. The dietary supplement has featured in many gym buffs’ personal meal plans, since it’s a quick ‘n’ easy way to encourage lean muscle growth. Still, it doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to flavor. Lucky for people who are big on taste, local brand Wheyl Nutrition Co. have a selection that’s as good as it is good for your bod.

With 8 flavors ranging from naked white to matcha, there’s sure to be something that’ll suit your preferences. Besides that, our customers love these for a whole host of other reasons—here’s just 6 of them!

THEY’RE VERSATILE. Cyril, 26: “I drink whey protein mixed with cold brew every morning when I am planning to work out that day. […] So milky and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s not a normal milk. It’s also great for smoothies. Instead of using milk in a carton or tetra pack, I mix this in with water and frozen banana or mango and I’m good to go!”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just Naked White Whey Protein (454g), P550

THEY WORK AS A MEAL REPLACEMENT. Vanessa, 35: “I cannot believe how good this tastes! It tastes like a caramel latte, but super packed with protein like a juicy steak! I can’t get enough of it! Amazing! I’ve used it as a meal replacement and haven’t had any hunger or cravings. I’m excited to try the other flavors.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just Clean Caramel Whey Protein (454g), P550

THEY’RE PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. Ereka, 20: “It tastes like the melon milk Pure & Best Milk used to sell. It’s only about ~75% protein per serving, so it’s probably not for serious competition bodybuilders, but it’s more than enough for casual fitness people and as a protein supplement. Especially since it’s like 1/3 the price of other protein brands with the same number of servings, and it’s got way less additives and ingredients.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just Melon Milk Whey Protein (454g), P550

THEY LESSEN POST-WORKOUT SORENESS. Noemi, 40: “It tastes good with fruit smoothies (banana, avocado, strawberry). I used to add honey to smoothies but with this, there’s no need. I also noticed that I haven’t been feeling sore after HIIT workouts, and since this is the only new thing in my routine, I think it is helping. Bonus: it’s local!”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just Salted Chocolate Whey Protein (454g), P550

THEY ADD JUST ENOUGH SWEETNESS. Bernadette, 39: “Goes really well with my Greek yogurt, mixed berries, spinach smoothie. So instead of using almond milk, I add this instead, which ends up being a better source of protein. I haven’t tried it on its own, so I can’t say how sweet or not sweet it is. But it definitely adds just the right amount of sweetness to my smoothie.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just Double Berry Whey Protein (454g), P550

THEY’RE AFFORDABLE. Jasmin, 25: “Probably the ONLY matcha-flavored protein powder on the market that I can afford! These are the best tasting and cheapest protein powders I could find in the market. The macros are pretty simple, too. Their various flavours make me excited to drink my protein everyday, unlike other brands with bland flavours at expensive prices.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Just+ Mighty Matcha Whey Protein (454g), P650


Still looking for your perfect blend? Try Wheyl’s all-new pair of fun flavors. And if you like either of these, be sure to leave ‘em a review so we know just how you feel!

TRY: Just Nutty Banana Whey Protein (454g), P550, Just Mocha Java Whey Protein (454g), P550

Minor edits have been made to reviews for brevity and clarity.

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