Getting enough sleep is the most basic form of self-care. It’s the body’s natural process of recharging and restoring our organ systems after an active day. For insomniacs like me, however, drifting off to dreamland doesn’t come in as easy as counting sheep.
Insomnia is often associated with the difficulty of falling asleep. But in my case, I have sleep-maintenance insomnia, which is the difficulty of staying asleep. In other words, the quality of my sleep is poor. It’s easy for me to wake up for a number of reasons: the urge to pee, check my phone (always a bad mistake), or even to overthink. Before I know it, my alarm clock rings and I’ll have to endure another sleep-deprived day.
Getting poor quality sleep has been a recurring problem lately, and I was looking for something that can help it beyond my lavender-scented lotion and chamomile tea. When I heard about Sleepasil, a natural supplement that helps improve sleep quality, I was intrigued. Will this be the solution to my sleep woes?


Sleepasil is a natural sleep aid that’s made from a special blend of ingredients, including melatonin, chamomile, calcium, magnesium, and other herbs such as valerian root and passion flower that help you relax and drift off to slumber. More importantly, Sleepasil is approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Authority so it’s safe to consume!
One of the main ingredients found in Sleepasil is melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. For some people, the body does not secrete enough melatonin, which can result to the inability to sleep. Aside from increasing the melatonin levels in your body, Sleepasil also uses other natural ingredients to help relieve stress and anxiety. Valerian and chamomile, for example, are known to be natural sleep aids.


For this experiment, I took one capsule 30 minutes before bedtime. I also made no other changes to my routine to make sure that any changes in my sleep quality is because of Sleepasil. I had 2-3 cups of coffee a day before 5 pm, worked out at night occasionally, and browsed through my phone for a bit in bed (which is at bad night-time habit, apparently). I also tried my best to get in at least the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every day.

Ever since I started taking Sleepasil, there was an improvement in my sleep quality. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night as much anymore. In the rare times that I do, it’s often because of my small bladder. But other than that, I was able to get some quality shut-eye. It felt great to wake up when the sun is already up. Finally!
However, there was one night when I took Sleepasil and had only had 5 hours of sleep. I remember that it was such a challenge to get out of bed that morning. It was a case of next-morning fatigue but after downing a cup of strong coffee, I was good as new.

I also tried taking two capsules just to see if there’s a difference and there definitely was! It was the type of sleep that was so deep, it felt like it time flew by so quickly. More important, I woke up energized and ready to face the day.


Sleepasil is effective, and I would recommend it especially for those nights when you have a hard time sleeping. If you’re battling jet lag, have a long and important day ahead but anxiety is getting the best of you, or just over caffeinated, Sleepasil may be the sleep aid you’ll need. I also like that it’s only made from natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting chemicals to sleep!
Before taking Sleepasil, I would also recommend that you get a decent amount of hours of sleep, because it does have the potential to come with next-morning grogginess if you don’t sleep long enough.

It’s also to remember that sleeping aids like Sleepasil shouldn’t be the missing piece of your sleep routine. Practicing proper bedtime habits can go a long way. I put a hard stop in drinking coffee after 3 pm instead, and been looking at my phone less. These small tweaks have improved the quality of sleep. In case that I end up tossing and turning in bed for awhile, I’ll keep a stash of Sleepasil nearby.

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