Ever had your interest piqued by a trend, only to find it too much of a hassle? That’s exactly how we felt about ombré lips—the just-bitten, juice-stained look that has swept all of Asia. That is, until Maybelline sent over these lovely, lovely things: You’re looking at the full range of the Lip Flush Bitten Lip, a new all-in-one ombré lipstick that’s about to change the gradient game. Honestly, if you told us two years ago that we would live to see three shades built into a single tube, we’d have called you a dreamer. But that’s exactly what you’ll see when you uncap this baby! Its flat-top bullet resembles a lip balm, but the color stripes instantly set it apart from any other lipstick in our stash.
Here’s all you need to know about the Bitten Lip: it only takes one swipe to create the full ombré effect. The deepest shade stains the center of your lips, the second color creates a natural gradient, and the flesh tone gives your outer edges a nice fade. The result: a soft bloom of color that, to date, was only possible through repetitive finger-dabbing.

But you can rock this lipstick in a solid style, too! When you tire of the sweet, doll-like gradient, just tip it to one side so you can make full use of the bold shade. The dewy finish is moisturizing and comfortable, and the pigment really pops. It’ll last longer than you expect, leaving behind a pretty stain after a couple hours.
There are four combos to choose from—and, boy, did we have a field day swatching them. See the whole collection on the girls at the BeautyMNL office, below.


Marian in PK01
THE COLOR: A floral pink that evokes freshness.
Kat in RD01
THE COLOR: A dainty, peach-toned coral.
Kim in RD02
THE COLOR: A bright candy red fit for a pin-up girl.
Dani in RD03
THE COLOR: A sweet berry that passes for an MLBB.

The Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip is available on BeautyMNL for P299. Shop it here!

Photos by Erika Gue and Cine Escalona