New year, new you? Jumpstart 2018 with the BeautyMNL New Year Wellness Kits. Our curated sets are our commitment to make your resolutions that much easier to maintain. Whether it’s to wipe the slate entirely clean or inspire much-needed confidence, we have something for just about everybody. See how to use each set with our New Year Series, a perfect start to the new you.
Every January is the same: we’re left with food guilt and jeans that are a little too snug. We’re no strangers to post-holiday diet regrets. But just because you indulged in the past few weeks doesn’t mean you can’t bounce right back. In fact, our Be Healthy Kit (P399) was made specifically to jumpstart your healthy eating habits.
Included in this set are everything you need to eat clean: VCO, a pack of shirataki noodles, quinoa, and ready-to-drink coconut water. Whether it’s for your work lunch or home kitchen, this kit will make you look and feel good, stat.

The how-to, below!


PRODUCT #1: Carica Virgin Coconut Oil (250ml)
STEP 1: Take 1 tablespoon of the VCO.
STEP 2: Add it into your smoothies, or ingest it straight.
PRODUCT #2: 7Grains Skinny Carbs Shirataki Noodles
STEP 1: Pour the noodles into a colander. Drain the water.
STEP 2: Boil in water for 1 to 2 minutes.
STEP 3: Drain again and remove excess water.
STEP 4: Let it simmer with soup, or pan fry with sauce.
PRODUCT #3: The Green Tummy Quinoa (200g)
STEP 1: Boil quinoa with a 1:2 water ratio for 20 minutes.
STEP 2: Add onto salad or any dish you like.
PRODUCT #4: Nyogi Nyogi with Calamansi (250ml)
Simply poke the straw into the tetra pack and drink it up!
The Be Healthy Kit (P399) features the three products listed above. It is exclusively available on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!

Photos by Kat Echon and Trish Rivera.

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