We love our local heroes, but sampling health-boosting fare from other countries is its own thrill. When you find brands that do wellness well, you’re introduced to a world of tasty food that challenge your definition of clean eating.

Case in point: these 5 imported brands that get their premium, superfood ingredients from only the best sources. The result? Good-for-you treats that are about as satisfying as a cheat meal. Below, we round up their star products to show you exactly why we flew them out here for you to try.



High-protein munchies that can pass as dessert are plenty these days, and Swedish brand Barebells have a few yummy options to throw into the ring. Their bars come in crave-worthy flavors (like American classic cookies and cream!) with no added sugar and 20g of protein per serving, for the sugar-conscious gym rat who just wants to live a little.

TRY: Barebells Salty Peanut Protein Bar (55g), P205, Barebells Caramel Cashew Protein Bar (55g), Barebells Coconut Choco Protein Bar (55g), P205, Barebells Cookies and Cream Protein Bar (55g), P205


If you want to kick your protein powder up a notch, pick up a pack from the New Zealand-based Clean Nutrition. Not only do they make use of 100% natural ingredients, this brand even sources their whey from grass-fed cows. Plus, luo han guo ranks among their (very short) list of flavor enhancers—a low-caloric, low-glycemic sweetener that comes with a ton of health benefits, too.

TRY: Clean Nutrition Clean Protein in Natural (1kg), P4,499, Clean Nutrition Clean Protein in Cocoa (1kg), P4,499


Sunwarrior was founded by a pair of American health food enthusiasts who wanted to make protein better. With this mission in mind, they came up with a range of plant-based, superfood-infused options that are all organic and backed by research. It’s as clean and simple as fuel can be.

TRY: Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein Bar in Blueberry Blast (62g), P170, Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Sprouted & Fermented Plant-Based Protein in Chocolate (15 Servings Tub), P1,449, Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Sprouted & Fermented Plant-Based Protein in Vanilla (15 Servings Tub), P1,449


Ever just bite into a cookie and wish it were good for you? Well, consider Justine’s a dream come true. This New Zealand favorite offers premium soft baked cookies that are packed with protein and shockingly guilt-free. They’re all low-carb, free of gluten, wheat, and added sugars—and, of course, loaded with muscle-building protein. We’d say “indulge,” but something this healthy isn’t much of an indulgence, is it?

TRY: Justine’s Chocolate Chip Soft Baked Protein Cookie (64g), P150, Justine’s Chocolate Fudge Soft Baked Protein Cookie (64g), P150, Justine’s Raspberry White Chocolate Soft Baked Protein Cookie (64g), P150, Justine’s Double Chocolate Dream Protein Brownie (80g), P150


For a nutritious upgrade on a carbo-loaded staple, Perfect Earth has gluten-free dry pastas. The brand sources their ingredients via organic farms, sustainably producing their selection of healthy alternatives to processed white noodles. Each packet of pasta is as close to farm-to-table as it gets, and you’re sure to taste it in every forkful.

TRY: Perfect Earth Rice Pasta Red Rice (225g), P187, Perfect Earth Chia Pasta Red Rice (225g), P255, Perfect Earth Chia Pasta Black Rice (225g), P255

Ready for your culinary journey around the world? Take your pick!

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