Another week, another crop of new arrivals waiting to be discovered. With beauty products constantly landing on our pages, it’s hard to figure out where to even start. So, let’s take the math out of the equation, shall we? Today, we’re bringing you the hottest finds on BeautyMNL right now. From much awaited brands to fresh new drops, here are the beauty buys that should definitely be on your radar.


Looking for a fresh take on glamour? This iconic beauty brand has just what you need. Featuring versatile shades and long-lasting coverage, its reputable formulas create any classic look with ease. And that’s exactly how Max Factor (A.K.A. the Father of Modern Makeup) intended it! Today, his legacy continues with legendary MUA Pat McGrath, who brings forth creations that are as timeless as the brand. Try the lustrous Lipfinity Lip Color and see for yourself!

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French formulas are lauded by skincare fanatics around the world, and Nuxe Paris shows exactly why! This eco-friendly brand produces honest-to-goodness blends that enhance the skin’s natural radiance. How? By using only the highest quality ingredients, which both nourish the skin and optimize biodegradability. If there’s anything in their assortment that deserves the splurge, it’s the legendary Huile Prodigieuse® Beauty Dry Oil Spray. Apparently, it’s the key to every French girl’s gorgeous hair, body, and skin. Ooh-la-la!

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Gone are the days when Covergirl was easy, breezy, and beautiful! Now, they’re all about unique and transformative beauty. What ever you swipe, glide, or powder on, their makeup is designed to let you rock your own kind of beautiful. One staple to try? Their Lashblast Volume Mascara. Made with a patented formula, it’ll give you full, lush lashes that elevate any look you throw on. Now, smile for the camera!

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Human Nature has been with us for some time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have new tricks up their sleeve! What we’re looking forward to most from the pro-environment brand is their Pollution Defense Face Cleanser. It contains an amazing combo of moringa, charcoal, and bentonite clay. Together, they purify and refine the skin in one wash. But if you’re searching for something a little more luxe, try the Premium Rosehip Oil. It contains rich botanical extracts that your skin will drink up like a sponge. Yum.

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Comfort is the name of the game for this home remedy brand. Purely handcrafted and 100% Filipino made, Kimochi Aroma makes use of aromatherapy to relax the body and calm the mind. We’re most intrigued by their selection of herbal pillows. These microwaveable pads make it super easy to treat sore and swollen areas. Simply cool or heat up the pillow and you’ve got the most soothing compress right in your hands. So long, period pains!

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Simply put, SAC MNL creates the sustainable bags you never thought you needed. They’re biodegradable, incredibly lightweight, and actually cute! Made with cotton mesh, they quickly dry when wet and easily expand to make more room for your stuff. Basically, these stylish sacks are the perfect replacements for plastic bags. Use ‘em at the beach, grocery store, or at the mall! You’ll be doing the earth a favor.

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Menstrual cups might seem like an icky idea at first, but Anytime Menstrual Cup will convince you otherwise. Their cups are said to be more comfortable and easier to use than regular period pads. Made of top quality silicone, each one can hold up to 3 times more liquid than napkins and tampons. Plus, they’re super soft and flexible, too. Seriously, you won’t even feel them!

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Still not sold on the idea of menstrual cups? Take the less daunting path with Ka Nami Pasador’s sustainable cloth pads instead. Hailing from Negros Island, this brand’s sanitary napkins were made to be earth-friendly, reusable, and totally economical. They’re basically like regular pads, but instead of throwing them away to sit in a landfill, just laundry them! Not to mention, the pads last up to 5 years. Think about all the money (and trash) you’ll save.

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Credits: Photos by Kathy Austria.

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