Sources (L-R): @misspopnails and @everythingbuthair on Instagram Chevron, that V-shaped print you’ve seen on just about everything, is doable for your nails, too. Although it’s not a new trend by any means, we still have love for chevron because of its graphic, sporty-chic look. Also, it’s colorful by nature (you need at least two different shades to bring out the geometry of it)—and as you may already know, we at BeautyMNL love color.

Aside from pretty polishes, you’ll need the following to try this nail art trend:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Some tape
  • Quick-drying topcoat Sources (L-R): @cbnails_it and @vee_sweetnails on Instagram Got it? Now, follow this guide:

    STEP 1: Paint on a base color of your choice. Let it dry completely.
    STEP 2: Cut your tape into small, equal-sized strips.
    STEP 3: Cover parts of your nail with the strips of tape so that the exposed area forms a zigzag pattern.
    TIP! If your tape is too sticky, it might peel off parts of your base coat! To weaken the adhesive, you can place the strips on the back of your hand first and then peel them off when you’re ready to use them.
    STEP 4: Paint your second color over the whole nail, including the strips of tape. Once you remove the tape, the base color will peep through the gaps.
    STEP 5: Set your nails with a quick-drying topcoat.

    Note: If you want more colors in your manicure, don’t paint the second color over the whole thing. Instead, shade in the exposed areas strategically, using different polishes. That way, you’ll have multi-colored V-shapes once you peel off the tape.

    Whether you paint all your tips in the same style or choose just one to be the center of attention, chevron works wonderfully as a point of interest. Perfect holiday nail art!

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