If there’s anything my mom and I love bonding over, it’s definitely skincare. We love trying new products together, reading beauty blogs, and—much to the horror of our wallets—splurging on online sales. Since my childhood, she’s always had a hefty ammunition of serums, creams, and facial masks. Needless to say, she’s been my go-to guru for as long as I can remember. Now that Mom is nearing her senior years, she’s been very particular about her skincare routine and what products she uses. Save for a couple of wrinkles and fine lines, everybody agrees that she looks young for her age. “Still,” she told me last month, “I wish there was a product that could fully restore my youthful glow!” That’s when my friends at BeautyMNL came through. Kim and Ayana told me about the famous Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop, a potent nighttime serum that claims to visibly reduce signs of aging. I have a couple of Dear Klairs formulas stocked in my own cabinet, and trusted that this could be the solution to Mom’s wrinkle woes.

I told them to send it over, so she could have a look-see herself!


Before we received the package, Mom and I did a bit of research. What was in this tiny black bottle, anyway? With a quick Google search, we had our answer: Guaiazulene—a dark blue, crystalline active derived from chamomile flowers.

The compound alone is jam-packed with antioxidants, and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it’s the very stuff that gives chamomile its soothing, relaxing nature. Now, Mom is usually prone to redness and irritation (especially on hot days), so we knew that this was perfect for her sensitive skin type! But that’s not all—blended into this cerulean concoction are a couple of other superstar ingredients: EGF and bFGF. These two potent proteins are known to stimulate cellular repair, promote collagen production, and heal skin damage. Together with a dollop of blueberry extract, they increase skin elasticity and consequently reduce wrinkles.

Knowing all these, Mom couldn’t wait to try it out. Once we got our hands on the serum, she promptly integrated it in her evening routine. We documented the whole month-long process in our pictures, below!


HOW TO USE IT: Dispense 3 to 4 drops of the serum and apply on a freshly cleansed face. Pat to absorb.


ANABELLE, 59: “Because I belong to the generation—59 now—who bought only French or American skincare products, simply because they were the only ones aggressively promoting their brands and making all the anti-aging promises at that time, I was a bit unsure about trying Klairs.

My daughter, Cathy, gifted me with a bottle of this midnight blue serum, and I was somewhat surprised that it wasn’t oily. It’s a gorgeous blue liquid that, when applied, feels fresh and soothing on the skin. The first time I applied it, I instantly felt my skin tighten and lift! It was amazing. The serum made the biggest differences around my eyes and forehead. The wrinkles have smoothened out, my skin looks plumper and just overall healthier. In the beginning, I told my daughter that products like this take at least 3 months of daily application before one sees any difference. I honestly didn’t think it would, but all my friends now tell me that I look so fresh and glowing—I didn’t even tell them I was using a new product!

Overall, I’m very happy with this serum, and I know the results will get better in time and with continued use. Definitely putting this on my wishlist for Christmas!”

The Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Drop is now on sale at BeautyMNL for P1,413 (limited time only). Shop it right here.

Anabelle Dario is a 59-year-old mother to three children, and the author of the book Before You Call Your Lawyer. You can follow her at anabelledario.com.

Photos by Kathy Austria.

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