Many of us assume that the products we use for our morning skincare routine are the same as those we should use for nighttime care. But even if some products can and should be used both times of the day—like cleanser and moisturizer—there are formulas that are designed to benefit us in sunlight and others at bedtime. We need to take into consideration the right type of products for optimum results: gorgeous skin, 24/7! Watch how I do it:


During the day, our skin experiences high levels of stress. This is when it is covered in makeup and exposed to pollution, bacteria, and the most harmful of them all—UVA and UVB rays! It is imperative that we use the right products during the daytime to prevent sun damage, bacteria buildup, and environmental stress.

STEP 1: Cleanse with a mild facial wash.
I usually wash my face while showering in the morning to get rid of sebum (or oil) that might have built up overnight. This is also a great way to freshen up my skin for the day ahead. If you’re used to just soap and water, try Cetaphil instead. It’s equally fuss-free, but much more beneficial.

STEP 2: Follow with toner for extra cleansing action.
Toners provide extra nourishment for the skin. I like VMV’s SuperSkin 1 Toner because it has mandelic acid, which firms and brightens the skin. It also contains the antibacterial ingredient monolaurin, which effectively manages my acne.

STEP 3: Dab on eye cream.
I never forget to apply my eye cream even in the AM because this delays premature aging around the eye area. I use L’Oréal’s Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream (I love the cooling metallic applicator of this product!). It helps reduce dryness, puffiness, and of course, the occurrence of wrinkles around the eyes, which can happen as early as your twenties!)

STEP 4: Moisturize thoroughly.
If you have combination/oily skin like me, try My Prime’s Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer. I love the flawless matte finish it delivers. It also acts like a primer, performing superbly under makeup! If you don’t suffer from excess oiliness, you may also try Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Moisturizer, which is suitable for all skin types and even has built-in sun protection.

STEP 5: If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, apply it at the very end.
This is the most important step of all for your morning routine! I use Aloe Derma’s Sun Block Cream to ensure that my skin is protected. Don’t worry, this won’t give you a white cast; it is quick-absorbing and lightweight! Feel free to apply it to other exposed areas like your neck, arms, and so on.


It is during the night that our skin repairs and replenishes itself. Although environmental stress lessens in the evening, it takes certain products to keep our skin supple and properly hydrated. Bedtime is also the best time to boost the skin with serums that contain collagen or retinol—these ingredients penetrate deep into our skin to prevent fine lines and minimize large pores.

STEP 1: Remove all traces of makeup using a proper makeup remover.
I like Laneige’s Lip and Eye Makeup Remover—I simply pour it on a cotton pad and wipe it over my skin to remove my makeup. I also like BCL’s’ Gel Oil Makeup Remover for when I’m wearing heavy-duty cosmetics. No need to use cotton for this! I just apply the product directly to my face with my fingers, move it over my skin in circular strokes, and watch the makeup melt away! Afterwards, I rinse with water.

STEP 2: Cleanse again.
Makeup remover should always be followed by a mild cleanser to further wash away dirt, oil, grime, and cosmetic residue. I use my morning facial wash for this step.

STEP 3: Moisturize.
At night, our skin needs all the hydration it can get! This is when you can use your favorite serum (argan, rosehip, olive, what-have-you).

STEP 4: Pay special attention to the area underneath your eyes.
I use the same L’Oréal Revitalift eye cream in the evening to nourish the skin around my eyes. Eye creams have special ingredients that are not found in facial moisturizers, so make sure you invest!

STEP 5: Finish with night cream.
Night cream is just like your daytime moisturizer except with more potent hydrating power. It’s also an easy way to sneak in anti-aging skincare! I use L’Oréal’s Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream-Mask (yes, I’m a loyalist). In the morning, I wake up to bouncier, smoother skin!

Phew! That’s everything I do for my morning and nighttime skincare regimens! What are yours like?

Photos by Say Artillero