Believe it or not, there is a pill that can help you get healthier and make you look ridiculously radiant all at once. Meet Probiohealth’s Probio-White Capsules, the probiotics that also contain glutathione. The beauty-boosting, gut-cleansing supplements have numerous benefits for both your gut health and your skin.


Ingredients like vitamin C and glutathione have numerous beautifying properties, while probiotics, in the form of Lactobacillus (the good stuff that’s in Yakult!) eliminate toxins, fight gut inflammation, and support digestive health. In particular, N-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, and the aforementioned glutathione have major antioxidizing power, while the collagen and probiotics work together to benefit your physical health and skin. Talk about a get-pretty-quick potion!
Probio-White may be a “whitening” product, but the truth is that glutathione isn’t necessarily just a whitening ingredient. It’s actually an antioxidant that our livers naturally produce on their own. But the effect is that it really does brighten skin. (Antioxidants are known for assuaging inflammation, after all).

The probiotics in each pill work to improve your digestion and speed up your metabolism. When your gut is healthy, it also has an easier time absorbing nutrients. On top of that, the Lactobacillus eliminates toxins and free radicals, keeping you at the peak of health.


All the ingredients work together to ensure that your skin is at its absolute best state—texture evens out and your skin becomes hydrated from within. Probiotics reduce water loss, which has a domino effect of increasing skin’s moisture from the inside out, making it more youthful and dewy. Because probiotics work to reduce inflammation, they can also clear breakouts and calm down inflammatory skin issues (like acne, rashes, eczema, and rosacea). Both probiotics and the collagen present in Probio-White band to prevent and improve upon fine lines, so your skin becomes more plump, firm, and elastic.
What’s more, Probio-White claims to be the only clinically-tested skin-brightening supplement out there that also has probiotics in it. According to their site, “Since probiotics facilitate in a healthier gastrointestinal system, [the] addition [of a skin-beautifying supplement] aids in the absorption of the active ingredients.”


The people have spoken and the verdict is clear—users love it, across the board. Here are some things customers have said about Probio-White:
“Everyone keeps noticing how I looked [sic] ‘prettier’ lately. My skin has never gotten any acne since I took it (even before I get my period!) and it’s radiant without makeup. I love the fact that it has collagen and ALA which helps my skin looking young. Not to boast but whenever [I] compare my skin to other women my age, I look definitely younger and I think you will too! But always [remember] that you also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not just rely on supplements alone.” — Kaycee, blogger at

“This product is just so amazing! It delivers on its promise of whiter and fairer skin in as early as 2 weeks. Plus, [I] noticed that my digestion has improved very much… Probio-White is really effective and it is worth a try especially if you want to achieve fairer skin in as early as two weeks.” — Monique, blogger at

“What I really love about it [is] that I actually saw visible results with improving my skin. I saw how it looks softer, smoother, and firmer, and that I have better digestion and metabolism.” — Rochelle, blogger at
Although it sounds too good to be true, gut health and skin radiance go hand-in-hand. A healthy gut yields healthy skin! And when your digestive system is primed to absorb nutrients and minerals better, the benefits show up in your appearance, too.

The Probiohealth Probio-White Capsules are available on BeautyMNL for P1500. Shop it right here!

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