Pimples and dark spots come hand in hand. While acne products are made to target active zits, many formulas don’t treat scarring at the same time. Well, after scouring hundreds of customer reviews, we found one all-around treatment that claims to target both: the Skin Genie Blindspot Healing Stick. And according to the majority of reviews (439 five-star reviews to be exact), it actually works. So, without further ado, meet the P100 anti-acne stick that dries up pimples, lightens dark spots, and even works on dark elbows and underarms.


Angeline, 25, Combination Skin: “Bought this almost a year ago for I had this scar on my hip and it was really an eye-sore, swear! Was so happy I came across with this product, it really made that scar disappear! And oh, did I mention that it was so fragrant?” Silver, age unknown, Oily Skin: “It makes my pimple marks fade away at a faster rate. I have already finished 2 sticks of this and my skin? All clear. P.S. I have suffered from severe acne breakouts and my marks don’t want to fade away until I found this.” Dyanna, 26, Combination Skin: “For a week of use, I already have seen changes in my scars. It made my unwanted dark spots and scars lighten. It has a great smell, too! Not sticky on skin after application also. Definitely a must-buy after I used up this first stick.” Ma., 23, Normal Skin: “I’ve only been using this product for 5 days now, I use it twice a day, and I’ve seen my pimple marks lighten to almost nothing! It’s amazing!!” Grace, age unknown, Combination Skin: “IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!! I didn’t think so at first though. You really, really have to be consistent with the product … I applied it every night before I went to sleep, never skipping a day. Now, after four weeks, I can see how much it lightened up the spots on my face, and that just makes me so happy!! I feel like I’m so much closer to having flawless skin.”


This Blindspot Healing Stick is often described by customers as “small but terrible”, but what exactly powers this five-star product? It all boils down to its all-natural formula.

Packed with botanical extracts, it contains skin-loving ingredients like tomato extract, rosehip oil, vitamin E, papaya extract, and love plant oil. Together, these plant-powered extracts create a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and brightening properties—which explains why they work wonders on both pimples and dark spots.


NOTE: This product is best used overnight. STEP 1: Twist the bottom wheel of the tube to reveal the product. STEP 2: Directly apply the product over the affected area, whether it be a pimple or a scar. Use a fingertip to tap in any excess product.


The Skin Genie Blindspot Healing Stick is available on BeautyMNL for P100. Shop it right here!

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