Pimples come and go, but large pores tend to stay forever. No matter what their size, pores are simply a natural part of your skin; they’re not the kind of blemishes that diminish with a spot treatment. That said, while you can’t get rid of them completely, you can shrink them enough to keep them relatively out of sight. This, ladies and gents, is where the COSRX Two in One Poreless Power Liquid comes in.
What are its claims? Three important things: it clears out congested skin, tightens enlarged pores, and controls sebum production. Basically, it’s a secret weapon-in-the-making for every oily girl.
Packaged in the same clear frosted bottle you know and love, this “power liquid” certainly fits right in with the rest of COSRX’s selection. As with any of the products in the K-beauty brand’s roster, it’s the carefully selected ingredients that make this a Holy Grail. For example: its pore-minimizing powers can be traced back to its tannin content. Tannin is a natural astringent found in anti-inflammatory willow bark water, which makes up a whopping 88% of the product. Thanks to its potent antibacterial properties, this product purges your pores, then tightens them, resulting in a finer look.
On top of that, it also contains 0.1% BHA. We know that sounds like an awfully tiny amount. So here are some facts: not only is 0.1% BHA high enough for effective exfoliation, it’s also low enough to be used alongside other acids. And, really, isn’t layering acids what every skincare junkie wants?

But that’s enough science for now. Let’s talk results! To put this product to the test, we had one of our girls, Alyanna, take it home for 10 days and apply it once a day. See exactly how the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid fared below!


“My first impression of the product is that it’s very lightweight and fast-absorbing. While there weren’t any super obvious results during the first few days, my skin felt less congested and smoother than usual! Can’t wait to see what else happens.”


“The most significant change at this point was that the black spots on my nose and cheeks disappeared! My skin definitely looks clearer overall, and I think my skin tone looks brighter, too. I still have some large pores around my cheeks though. But looking closely at my nose, the pores there are way smaller than they were when I started. It’s almost like I applied a blurring primer over it.”


“All I can say is WOW. My pores are definitely less visible at this point—even the huge ones around my cheeks. Overall, I have less rough texture on my skin. My face just looks smoother, brighter, and more supple.”

DAY 10

“I think this goes without saying, but I’m completely sold on this product. My pores are visibly tighter, clearer, and smoother. Plus, my skin doesn’t get as oily as it used be. I even stopped using foundation altogether. All in all, this product did everything it claims to do.”
Pores in need of de-clogging? Give this powerful liquid a shake!

The COSRX Two in One Poreless Power Liquid is available on BeautyMNL for P990. Shop it right here!

Credits: Photos by Kat Echon

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