We all know how frustrating it is to apply makeup when your skin is less than perfect. Much to our dismay, sometimes it’s even the subtlest blemishes that are hardest to conceal. Take dark spots and large pores for example. They seem to peek through no matter how many layers of base you put on. But turns out, it’s less about what you apply and more about how you apply it.

To see exactly how to cover up acne scars and large pores, see the step-by-step tutorial below!


STEP 1: Take a silicone-based primer and apply it over the area in sweeping, outward motions. Make sure not to rub the product into your skin and apply as little pressure as possible. By applying primer in sweeping motions, you allow the product to essentially coat your skin, evenly spackling over every nook and cranny.

WHAT WE USED: Maybelline Master Prime Mattifying Primer + Base, now on sale at P314 (limited time only). Shop it here. STEP 2: Gently pat in the primer and let it set for a few minutes. STEP 3: Using your fingers or a stippling brush, apply your chosen base in quick, circular motions only. This helps the product apply evenly and prevents it from settling into any uneven texture.

WHAT WE USED: L’Oreal Paris True Match The One Liquid Concealer, P350. Shop it here. See the difference?


STEP 1: Take a brightening or color-correcting primer and apply it over the area in sweeping motions. This will help lighten the discoloration even before you apply any concealer.

WHAT WE USED: Australis Colour Clique CC Primer, now on sale at P476 (limited time only). Shop it here. STEP 2: Next, apply a liquid concealer over the spots. Gently dab with your finger to blend it out. At this point, your dark spots will still likely be visible, but the liquid concealer will serve as a base for more heavy-duty coverage later.

WHAT WE USED: L’Oreal Paris True Match The One Liquid Concealer, P350. Shop it here. STEP 3: Using a face brush, set the liquid concealer with a translucent loose powder. Make sure to pat the powder on with the brush to avoid disturbing the concealer. Leave it to set or “bake” for a few minutes, then gently sweep off any excess.

WHAT WE USED: V&M Naturals Silk Powder Foundation, P700. Shop it here. STEP 4: Lastly, spot conceal! Take a cream concealer and dot it directly on top of the dark spot. Dab on another layer if needed until the spot is fully concealed. Then, using the tip of a sponge or narrow concealer brush, blend out only the outer edges of the concealer—making sure not to disturb the center where coverage is most needed.

By applying powder under the cream concealer, it serves as an adhesive base and enhances coverage in areas where you concentrate the cream concealer.

WHAT WE USED: Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, now on sale at P1,168 (limited time only). Shop it here.


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