Thinking about snagging yourself a powder? Whether it’s to mop up grease, keep makeup from budging, or simply leave that extra bit of coverage, we’re sure that there’s a formula out there for everyone. But here’s the catch: it can get a liiittle overwhelming looking for one.

Think about it—pressed powder, loose powder, setting powder, finishing powder—where do we begin! Well, for now, let’s go for the one that’s probably the most confusing: finishing powder.
First off, finishing powders are often confused with setting powder. Sure, finishing powders can technically set your makeup, but what it’s really made to do is serve as the cherry on top once you’re done with your look. It “finishes” it, if you will. This is because it keeps your complexion looking extra smooth and poreless, which ultimately improves the “finish” of your skin.

Second, it works best in situations where you’ll be under bright lights and photographed. But while it makes your skin look great in front of the camera, you also have to make sure it’s blended well. Though, it’s probably worth saying that we don’t expect to be followed by the papparazzi anytime soon—which begs the question: do we really need a finishing powder? We put it to the test!


Hydrating Finish Powder

  • Best for Combination-Dry and Dry skin
  • Slightly tinted, sheer color
  • Silky, non-drying texture
  • Locks makeup in place without caking or streaking
  • Easier for evening out skin tone
  • Adds a hint of extra coverage
  • Helps complexion look flawless

Prime Primer Finish Powder

  • Best for Combination-Oily and Oily skin
  • Colorless, translucent formula
  • Finely-milled and lightweight
  • Absorbs oil, kills shine
  • Minimizes imperfections
  • Stretches makeup wear and keeps you glowing
  • Should be blended properly to prevent flashback


For this test, we wanted to see if finishing powders were really worth it based on three common claims: if It leaves your skin looking photo-ready, controls shine, and resists flashback.

The Hydrating Finishing Powder will be tested by Angeli who has Oily-Combination skin, and the Prime Primer Finish Powder by Nyra, who has Dry-Combination skin. Each formula will be worn for at least 8 hours, with Angeli and Nyra taking note of their observations on how well each was able to last throughout the day. See the results, below!


Banila Co. Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder, P1,150 It made my skin look and feel so smooth the whole day, unlike other powders which make my skin look flaky thanks to my dry patches.

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Prime Primer Finish Powder, P1,150 This definitely made my skin appear smoother! I barely noticed that I was wearing a layer of powder over my face too, which was nice considering I always thought of powders to look so white and cakey.

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Banila Co. Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder, P1,150 While my t-zone usually looks and feels oily towards the end of the day, I didn’t notice any shine on my face.

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Prime Primer Finish Powder, P1,150 My nose, especially, felt a lot less oily which is a definite winner in my book already. As in, I was about to touch my nose and expected to feel the urge to blot but there was barely any shine. The fact that it was able to do that already made me want to get one for myself!

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Banila Co. Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder, P1,150 To be honest, I’m not a big fan of powders because they usually show up light on photos, but this photo turned out so much better than I expected! There’s no hint that I even have it on.

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Prime Primer Finish Powder, P1,150 Well, the good news is that I don’t see any trace of powder on my face! On the other hand, I think that I expected there to be less shine considering the powder I put on, though that could be because I wasn’t able to reapply before the photo with flash was taken. I’m sure brushing over the face with a light layer should help tone down flashback shine.

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Finishing powders might not be necessary for everyday, but it does make all the difference when you use it. Plus, it’s handy and a pretty versatile product to have around, because you can use it as is and as a setting powder. It’s the best of both worlds.


STEP 1. After applying base, transfer a small amount of finishing powder onto the lid then dip a large, fluffy powder brush in. Tap away any excess to save your look from drying, caking, or revealing flashback. STEP 2. Start applying the brush from the center of the face moving outwards. Make sure to use a light hand for a more airbrushed effect. STEP 3. Dust over the face with a densely packed brush to remove any excess product and to further blend the powder with the rest of the face.

And there you have it! if you would like to give these a try, the Banila Co. Prime Primer Hydrating Finish Powder and the Banila Co. Prime Primer Finish Powder are available on BeautyMNL for P1,150. You can shop it here, here, and discover more Banila Co. essentials right here.

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