In the days of Hepburn and Monroe, lipstick came in one, singular form: a cylindrical tube topped by a bullet of color. That shape remains a classic to this day, serving as the backbone of any cosmetic brand worth its fandom.
But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from working in beauty, it’s that even classics get reinvented.

Case in point: liquid lipstick.
We’re sure you’re at least remotely aware of this molten hot trend (also known as lip cream, sometimes referred to as lip stain). Liquid lipstick comes in a melted-paint formula and offers potent, eye-popping color payoff. Packaging-wise, it’s poured into a tube with a wand, similar to lipgloss. Except most of the time, if you’re lucky, the stuff is unmistakably matte.

Now we hate to be greedy, but there are two things that come to mind when we think of our fantasy liquid lipstick. First, it should mattify gloriously. Second, it should moisturize our lips at the same time.
Some would accuse us of being extra lazy (true). Others would argue that we’re asking too much. But are we, really? If we’re to heed the latest love letter from L’Oréal Paris, the answer is absolutely not.


Meet L’Extraordinaire Matte, a sexy liquid lipstick that just happens to tick all our boxes. Silky glide? Check. Opulent color? Check. Fierce matte finish? Super-check. Built-in moisture? Believe it or not, check.
It’s a paradox, this matte yet moisture-laden formula. But the secret behind L’Extraordinaire Matte is an ingredient that will explain it all: argan oil. Each liquid lipstick is infused with the precious Moroccan nectar that has softened the coarse skin and brittle hair of countless women. Besides argan, you’ll find camellia seed and rosa canina fruit oils in every tube. That’s what’s responsible for the cushiony-soft, hitch-free feeling your pout will experience at first swipe.
Oh, and did someone mention color? Because the color is bold and fearless and luscious. Yes, we just licked our lips.

Now, remember how we said that everything gets reinvented? We only speak the truth—because before liquid lipstick has had time to cool its heels, in swoops the new kid on the block. BREAKING NEWS: Powder lipstick now exists. Yes, ladies, as in powder.


As girly as it is groundbreaking, Tint Caresse is to our knowledge the first and only powder lipstick in the entire beauty universe. No biggie.
The lipstick is actually a pen infused with ultra-rich powder pigments refined from flowers. You dust the color onto your lips using the tip and spread it delicately across with the spade-shaped sponge. This is perfect for nailing the feminine ombré lip that is booming in South Korea and popping up all over Asian beauty meccas.
But why powder, you ask? Three reasons. First, it’s weightless to the point of zero-feel. Second, it’s totally transfer-proof—the wear on your lips throughout the day is no joke. And best of all, the powder creates a gentle, three-dimensional gradation akin to the heart of a blossoming flower. Deep and romantic in the center, soft and tender on the edges. Swoon.

So, beauties, would you go for a straight-up seductive liquid lip or a heartbreakingly soft powder pout? Honestly, how’s a girl to choose?
L’Oréal Paris L’Extraordinaire Matte (P450) and Tint Caresse (P500) are both available on BeautyMNL. Just click the text in red!

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