Matte liquid lipsticks are sometimes hit or miss for me. Most products that I’ve tried are so drying that they suck up any kind of moisture on the lips, accentuating lip lines—even the cracking and peeling! Not a pretty sight.
A while back, L’Oréal Paris launched their original L’Extraordinaire Collection—and while those liquid lipsticks were beautifully pigmented with a glossy finish, they left the no-shine lipstick girls (like myself!) pining for a matte version. Well, look no further, ladies, because L’Oréal heard our prayers and has released what could be the best liquid matte lipstick I’ve ever tried!
L’Extraordinaire Matte applies as a moist fluid lipstick, with varying pigmentation across shades. It sets as a powdery matte with a bit of shine upon application, but after a few minutes, the shine dissipates completely and the color looks more like a true matte. If you don’t want to wait for the shine to disappear by itself, you can just blot lightly on tissue without worrying about any pigment rubbing off.
What’s extraordinary about these liquid lipsticks is that even if they appear matte on the lips, they don’t at all feel dry, as most mattes do. Upon pressing your lips together, you’ll experience immediate softness and smoothness without any cracking or flaking. At the same time, they don’t feel balmy—in fact, you’ll forget that you have lipstick on because L’Extraordinaire Matte is so lightweight and comfortably dry (no shine or wetness whatsoever).

Wear time is a good 6 to 7 hours before any significant fading. I’ve found that once this formula dries and sets, it stays put—even after I’ve devoured a whole cheeseburger plus a side of fries. The darker the shade, the more long-lasting on the lips. Also, even after 6 hours of wear, I didn’t experience any dryness—and that’s a feat, considering I have very parched lips. I can’t even wear mattes for a whole day with some other brands. The only downside I’ve experienced is that this lipstick transfers. Even after it has set to a matte finish, it still transfers heavily.
Overall, I believe that L’Extraordinaire Mattes are some of the best matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried (with drugstore prices), especially for those who have very dry lips! They are comparable to my beloved Guerlain L’Extrait Liquid Lipsticks that cost five times more. At only P450 per tube, the L’Extraordinaire Matte Collection is definitely worth all your hard-earned lipstick money.


101 Orangerie Sunset is a true peach shade. It verges on the nude side of peach without looking too bright or flashy.
102 Samaritaine Beige is the lone nude shade in this set. It has a slight hint of peach so it’s not the kind of beige that will wash you out.
104 Versailles Tangerine is a fiery orange with a slight hint of red. Think MAC Lady Danger.
105 Pigalle Scarlet is a pigmented cherry red. It’s not too bright that it screams nor too dark that it verges on vampiric. It’s a classic, sexy red shade, which is precisely why it is one of my favorites in this set!
106 Madeleine Pink is a coral pink. It’s one of the not-too-pigmented colors in this collection, so your lips still show through.
108 Tuileries Rose is your traditional Barbie pink shade with bluish undertones.
109 Jardin Pamplemousse is a beautiful coral. In the tube, it looks more like a bright orange, but it applies on the lips as a muted coral. I love the name, too!
110 Opera Amaranth is a very bold hot pink. It verges on the neon side compared to the other two pinks in this collection.
111 Marais Magenta is a deep berry pink. This has also made it into my favorites list! It instantly brightens my face and is the shade I can imagine wearing even with no makeup on.
112 Guillmet Fuchsia is a deep fuchsia that doesn’t skew too bright/neon. Again, this has made it to into my favorites list. I rarely find a fuchsia shade that doesn’t look garish on me.
The best news ever? L’Extraordinaire Matte launched on BeautyMNL just last week, and you can get your hands on it right here. Check Google: there aren’t any reviews on these by any beauty blogger yet! So you can definitely be one of the first to share your thoughts on this extraordinary liquid lipstick from L’Oréal Paris. Enjoy!

Photos by Shari Macainag