Founded in 1851, Kiehl’s started out as a small apothecary in Manhattan, New York City. Out here, they’re known for being highly effective, providing their customers with no-fuss products that are as classic as can be. From their crisp, clean packaging that hides nothing, to their straight-forward, gender-neutral approach to skincare, Kiehl’s has never been the type to make outrageous claims. They simply deliver the best and let the work speak for itself. This is how the brand has held their own in the ever-changing landscape of skincare: by being so reliable, they’ve been passed down from generation to generation.


If you’re a Kiehl’s loyalist, news of their revised brand promise may not come as a surprise to you. But ICYMI, here’s what the BeautyMNL team heard straight from Kiehl’s regional retail and education director, Patrick Liew:

Kiehl’s is constantly listening to our customers and improving our products according to their needs. We don’t follow trends: we simply listen to what our customers want and what their skin needs. Since they don’t want us to change our formulas, we don’t. We’ll keep giving you what works for you.”
So if you love Kiehl’s as is and you aren’t itching to see them change, you’ll be pleased to know they’re poised to stay exactly the same. The brand simply wants to reiterate that they’re here for their customers, and that they’ll continue to advocate for personalized skincare solutions.


Just in case there isn’t a Kiehl’s store near you (and you can’t consult with their specially trained representatives), here’s everything you need to know about their best-sellers. While the brand will still insist on giving you their personal recs depending on your unique needs, this is as good a place as any to start. For best results, listen to your skin!

1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30ml), P2,895 WHAT IT DOES: Restores skin vitality with evening primrose oil; calms inflammation with lavender essential oil; replenishes skin’s moisture barrier with squalene; repairs tired, dehydrated complexions overnight

KIEHL’S SAYS: “This is the best-selling Kiehl’s serum in the Philippines, known as the Hangover Cure. Beauty queen Kylie Verzosa had posted about this on one of her social media pages, and pageant lawyers came after us thinking it was a sponsored post. But it wasn’t. She was just so pleased with how this serum transformed her stressed skin, she had to talk about it.”

PERFECT FOR: Rapidly transforming your skin

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2. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (30ml), P2,995 WHAT IT DOES: Diminishes discoloration with Activated C and peony extract; halts production of melanin cells to prevent dark spots from developing; brightens overall skin appearance

KIEHL’S SAYS: “This isn’t just a whitening solution, it helps calm your complexion, too. It soothes your skin as effectively as a spa treatment. Just the lavender scent alone can take you straight to the spa!” −Patrick Liew

PERFECT FOR: Breathing new life into your skin

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3. Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, P3,675 WHAT IT DOES: Combats early signs of skin aging; boosts skin luminosity and smoothes texture with Vitamin Cg and hyaluronic acid; reduces fine lines and wrinkles; shrinks large pores with consistent use

PERFECT FOR: Treating lackluster skin

KIEHL’S SAYS: “This serum contains 10.5% Pure Vitamin C and 2% Vitamin Cg to give you brighter skin, while the Hyaluronic Acid improves suppleness.”

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4. Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner (250ml), P2,425 WHAT IT DOES: Soothes blemished and inflamed skin with allantoin, calendula, and other herbal ingredients; alleviates dryness with burdock root; balances skin and evens out surface tone; provides aromatherapy

KIEHL’S SAYS: “The calendula we use for this toner is plucked only at full bloom. These flowers are very shy and so they must be extracted only at the right time. Any sooner or later, and the quality suffers.” −Patrick Liew

PERFECT FOR: Maintaining skin balance

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5. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream (50ml), P1,625 WHAT IT DOES: Deeply hydrates, retains moisture, and cools inflamed skin with antarcticine and desert plant extract; gel-type, oil-free formula allows for easy absorption that won’t clog pores; prevents moisture loss especially in cold temperatures

KIEHL’S SAYS: “Oily-skinned people sometimes skip moisturizer because they think they don’t need it, but you still do. Not all moisturizers will make you oilier than you are. If you find a compatible option, it should simply keep you from losing what your skin needs: proper hydration.” −Patrick Liew

PERFECT FOR: All-day skin hydration

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6. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment, P3,050 WHAT IT DOES: Improves overall skin radiance; provides consistent hydration; diminishes discoloration with activated C, derived from Vitamin C; refines skin texture with white birch and glycolic acid

KIEHL’S SAYS: “If you want to achieve glass skin, the first step is smoothing out your skin texture. With vitamin C and glycolic acid in your corner, you’ll have that glowing, flawless face in no time.”

PERFECT FOR: Getting your glow back

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7. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (14g), P1,725 WHAT IT DOES: Deeply nourishes the eye area with avocado oil, shea butter, and other fat-rich ingredients; protects against dehydration; restores skin suppleness; improves under-eye appearance

KIEHL’S SAYS: “It’s a major no-no to use your regular moisturizer for your eyes. The skin around them is much thinner and requires more targeted TLC, so invest in products that are specially designed to care for your eye area.”

PERFECT FOR: Dry, tired eyes

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8. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen (30ml), P1,995 WHAT IT DOES: Prevents micro-dust from clogging pores with anti-pollution properties; provides effective yet lightweight sun protection; hydrates and absorbs easily into the skin; contains powerful antioxidants

KIEHL’S SAYS: “The best way to wear sunscreen when you’re dealing with humidity, as we do here, is to layer the product. Don’t wear a large amount all at once. Prevent discomfort by using a small amount first, letting it absorb into your skin, then applying more as needed.” −Patrick Liew

PERFECT FOR: Protecting your skin against sun and stress

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9. Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Wash (230ml), P1,725 WHAT IT DOES: Helps fight inflammation with skin-soothing calendula extract and petals; refreshes with orange peel essential oil; moisturizes and softens skin with glycerin; thoroughly cleanses without drying

KIEHL’S SAYS: “You have to have a reliable cleanser, no matter your skin type. Our skin doesn’t ‘auto-cleanse,’ which means we’ll have to cleanse it ourselves and ensure that it doesn’t guard itself with excess sebum.” −Patrick Liew

PERFECT FOR: Morning pick-me-ups

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10. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (50ml), P1,575 WHAT IT DOES: Reduces moisture loss by absorbing atmospheric moisture; deeply hydrates and cools inflamed skin with antarcticine and desert plant extract; absorbs easily and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier

KIEHL’S SAYS: “When we first formulated this product, we wanted to come up with a moisturizer that could withstand anything. So we supplied a team up in Greenland with this, to help keep their skin from chapping. It worked beautifully. So if it works in those wintry climes, what more here!”

PERFECT FOR: All skin types

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Photos by Kathy Austria.

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