A brilliant beauty haul (clockwise from top left): Suesh's Choose Your Own Palette Eye Shadows in Blue, Mizon's  3-in-1 I’m Water Glam Lip Tint in Purple Glam, and PRO STUDIO's Pro 10 Cheek Color Palette There are two beauty rules that I always, always adhere to. The first, of course, is to give your face a thorough cleansing before hitting the sheets. The second is to always strike a balance.

It’s the most basic of beauty rules, and one, unfortunately, that a lot of people either don’t learn soon enough or simply neglect to obey. I discovered the rule of balance accidentally—the only makeup item I could afford when I first started to wear makeup was red lipstick, so it ended up being the only thing on my otherwise bare face. Lucky me!

Not so lucky: The girls out there who wear all their makeup all at once.

What does it mean? It’s simple: The rule of beauty balance states that you should only play up one feature at a time. Just one. You can go all out, by all means. Go crazy! Pile on that eyeliner like it’s the end of the world, or even wear black lipstick if you want to (I’ve done it! It can be done!). But don’t do everything at the same time. Every time I’ve looked at a face with makeup that seemed off, it’s been because there was too much going on—too strong an eye with too bold a lip, cheeks too vivid for an equally vivid pout. Emphasize only one part of your face at any given time.
If you feel like wearing a bold lip, your lip should be the only thing that’s bold. I’ve swiped on my favorite violet lipstick and added a sheer purple tint on top for extra punch (Mizon’s 3-in-1 I’m Water Glam Lip Tint in Purple Glam). Keep your blush neutral (nothing too bright, nothing too pink), and keep your eye definition minimal, too. A touch of eyeliner and mascara—or just mascara—will be more than enough to do the trick.
If you want to do a fuchsia cheek, definitely, definitely do! Fuchsia actually looks quite amazing on most skin tones, especially deeper ones (morenas, I am totally talking to you!). But keep lips mostly natural-looking or with just the tiniest hint of reddish tint, and again, tone down the eyes. Here, I’ve used the brightest shade of pink blush in the PRO STUDIO Pro 10 Cheek Color Palette.
If you want to do a deep, sexy, smoky eye, nude lips are the way to go. Use a nude lipstick that has a touch of gloss if your shadow is matte so that your look has a little shine, and apply the slightest dusting of bronze on your cheeks to warm up your complexion. Dare to wear your smoky eye in a jewel tone instead of the standard black or brown, like I did here! Ring eyes and wing them out with cobalt eyeliner, and then gently press eyeshadow onto the line and into your crease, thickening it until you achieve the intensity you want. I did my deep blue eye with just one shade of shadow! Take your pick from Suesh’s Choose Your Own Palette Blue Eye Shadow Pots, and custom-build the perfect eye palette for your needs. Sapphire blue is the perfect complementary color for brown eyes, and it’s totally on-trend for Fall/Winter 2014.

(I’m in a hotel room in Singapore right now—hence the bathroom lighting—and I did each of these looks in less than three minutes! Well, okay, five for the smoky eye. It’s that easy.)

Photos courtesy of Regina Belmonte