First things first: honey bees are pretty flipping special. Apart from the fact that they’re essentially the backbone of agriculture (go bees!), they’re also known to create two powerful ingredients: honey and propolis.

The two are stars in many skincare favorites, thanks to their naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And because they can speed up healing and calm irritation, the whole skincare scene is abuzz with what they can do for acne. Think about it! If bees themselves produce honey and propolis as a nourishing source of antioxidants and as an extra layer of protection for their hives, just imagine what it can do for your skin.

Cosrx knows exactly what we’re talking about, and it’s no surprise that they’re already ahead of the game. From ampule to cream to overnight mask, the anti-acne legend has you covered whenever life calls for an anti-acne remedy on the spot. But if you’re still not convinced, no worries! We’ll dive into their 3 choice picks just for you. See ‘em below!

1. Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule, P1,270
Sporting tiny bumps on your forehead? You might want to fight these mini breakouts with an anti-fungal ampule. Aside from giving your skin the extra hydration boost, this one has pure black bee propolis that’ll keep powerful microbes at bay through its rich flavonoids. So if whatever you’ve been using hasn’t been in your favor, we’re willing to place our bets on this little guy. A few drops go a long way!

Shop it here.

2. Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream, P1,250
When random breakouts are keeping you on edge, calm it down with a creamy honey moisturizer. The honey extracts here are full of natural antioxidants, making it perfect for soothing inflamed zits and patches. What’s more, it’s paired with ceramides for strengthening your skin’s barrier in a jiffy. Bye bye, angry skin!

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3. Cosrx Ultimate Honey Overnight Mask, P810
Moisturizer, sleeping pack, wash-off mask, take your pick! Rest assured, you can count on this 3-in-1 mask to save your skin from redness to blemishes. Plus, did we mention this has 85% of pure propolis extract? That’s one mask filled with healing, soothing, and disinfecting magic all in one tube. Get it, girl!

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Photos by Kathy Austria.

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