My skin has been a mess these days. I’ve been plagued with a mild case of adult acne, due to what I suspect is an increase of hormones after recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea. My body is probably still adjusting to all the changes, and you can see it on my face—literally!

Last year, my ever-problematic skin cleared up after I stopped consuming dairy (something I did upon realizing I was intolerant to it), but lately the blemishes have been popping up nonstop—despite the fact that I’ve kept my dairy intake to a minimum, if at all. Things get especially bad around a week or so before my period. It can’t be helped—I suppose I am just naturally born with blemish-prone skin—but I’ve been getting desperate to find a successful solution.
I feel like I’ve tried everything this past month: eating more fruits and veggies, cutting out alcohol, drinking tons of water, and getting more sleep. I’ve even been doing a product cleanse so I can introduce new zit-busting products into my skincare regimen. I also completely stopped wearing makeup in the hopes of unclogging my pores.

Things have kind of been improving, but my skin still doesn’t have the clear, smooth, luminescent glow I want it to. And although they’ve lessened, the pimples are still present. I have several clusters of small bumps around my chin, forehead, jawline, and cheekbones (they aren’t very visible in photographs, but it feels like somebody’s written in Braille on my face).
I also have a few deep, cystic pimples: currently they’re on my chin, the tip of my nose, and around my cheekbones, near my hairline. And because I’m morena, dealing with post-acne dark spots is a struggle, so my skin still doesn’t look clear even long after a zit has been zapped. Chalk it up to my impatient nature, but I want results, and I want them now!
So when the opportunity to try zinc for acne presented itself, I jumped at the chance. Other oral medications like Accutane have too many side-effects I’m personally not willing to take the risk for, and zinc provides a more natural solution to pesky pimples.

The important mineral is known to aid in collagen production, skin regeneration, wound healing, and addressing inflammatory issues (such as redness, irritation, and, you guessed it, acne). Because we don’t produce it on our own, it’s essential to include it regularly in our diets, or through supplements. Unfortunately, those of us who are (unwittingly) zinc-deficient may have congested pores, as zinc is essential to collagen synthesis. Zinc is also anti-bacterial, and can help prevent the growth of bacteria in one’s already-congested, oily dermis.

By combatting both inflammation and bacterial growth in sebaceous glands, zinc can potentially work wonders as far as eliminating acne is concerned.
Zinc for Acne Tablets by Puritan’s Pride contain not just zinc, but vitamins A, C, B6, and E, making it a potent natural solution to problematic skin. I’ll be taking one tablet daily after breakfast—fingers crossed that this actually works!

After reading up on the incredible things zinc can do for your skin and overall health, I’m feeling really excited about the results. The supplement starts to really take effect after a few weeks, so I’ll be sharing an update after 30 days. Stay tuned! The Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne is available on BeautyMNL for P489. Shop it right here!

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