They say a glass of wine a day is good for the body—and now, we can say the same for your beauty regimen. If you’re the kind of gal who can’t go without your vino, prepare to be addicted to the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints.
The tints, which hail from quirky capital South Korea, are made with actual wine. And to complete the wino fantasy, they come in beautiful, tiny bottles that screw open to reveal a slender doe-foot applicator.

Labiotte offers these tints in six shades, each one bearing a winey moniker (Merlot Burgundy, anyone?). The satin formula is color-rich and equally capable of creating a gradient or solid lip.
And we weren’t kidding when we said this stuff is made with wine! The tints are infused with Sepivonol, a premium French wine extract lauded for its anti-aging benefits. So every time you let the color soak into your lips, you’re fighting against free radicals and prolonging the life of healthy cells. Believe it or not, there’s no denying that these lippies make incredibly gorgeous gifts.


Merlot Burgundy is a deep berry red named for the Merlot wine grape. Shop it here.
Nebbiolo Red is a pretty pinkish-red named for the Nebbiolo wine grape. Shop it here.
Shiraz Red is a classic bright red named for the Shiraz wine grape. Shop it here.
Chardonnay Orange is a rich reddish-orange named for the Chardonnay wine grape. Shop it here.
Rose Coral is a warm peachy pink named after rosé wine. Shop it here.
Blush Pink is a cool pastel pink also inspired by rosé wine. Shop it here.

Bottoms up, lipstick lovers!

The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints are available on BeautyMNL for P599 each. Shop them right here!