To us, facial oils embody exactly what skincare should be: simple, clean, and efficient. If you wanted to be a purist (or lazy) about it, you could probably pare down your entire routine to a single oil and it would suffice. Don’t believe us? Emu oil may just change your mind.
Emu oil is nothing new in the beauty world. In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest names (ahem, Cate Blanchett) swear by this Australian staple. And if it’s good enough for an Oscar winner, it’s good enough for us! Thankfully, our friends at V&M Naturals were nice enough to send over a bottle of their Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil just so we could try it.
In case you didn’t know, V&M is the first emu oil-based skincare line in the Philippines—so who better to procure the stuff from than the pioneers themselves? If the reviews are to be believed, their emu oil packs multiple beauty benefits: deep hydration, anti-wrinkle properties, and brightening, to name a few.

Now, to really put this product to the test, I brought it along with me on a recent trip to Japan. I used the oil for a total of 6 days. Take note, this was in mid-February—meaning near-zero temperatures and chafed winter skin. Would this little bottle of oil serve me well? Scroll to find out!
USAGE: Since emu oil is incredibly rich in consistency, I only needed 2-3 drops to cover my whole face. Every night after cleansing and toning, I dispensed the oil into my palm then gently massaged it into my skin. I used small, upward, circular motions until the oil fully absorbed. I left it on overnight and washed it off in the morning.
DAY 1: The first thing I noticed about the emu oil was the consistency—thick. Surprisingly, it absorbed fast and left behind no greasy residue. I had some dry patches on my skin from the intense cold in Japan, but all of them were gone come morning. Impressive!
DAY 2: My skin wasn’t used to the winter weather—it was the first winter I’d ever experienced in my life! I could really tell by how dry my face was. But the emu oil soothed all signs of dehydration even after just two nights. By the second morning, my skin felt noticeably softer and had a little more life in it.
DAY 3: Even though it did a great job moistening my skin, this oil also helped prevent excess shine, which I found ironic. In Japan, my T-zone would get oilier more quickly to compensate for the bone-dry, freezing-cold weather. But since the emu oil was so hydrating, my skin reverted back to its regular state after a couple of days.
DAY 4: By this time, I no longer had to worry about the effects of Japan’s brutal weather on my skin. Overall, my complexion felt smoother and softer and it looked a little luminous even without highlighter.
DAY 5: I tried to focus massaging the oil into my fine lines for a change. Specifically, around my mouth and over my forehead. Doing this definitely plumped up some emerging creases. I know this because my foundation went on more smoothly in the morning instead of settling into those areas as usual.
DAY 6: One thing I have to say is that emu oil is consistent with its results. Even though I only used it during the evening, I always woke up with dewy skin that stayed plump and hydrated throughout the day.


I’m just going to say it: emu oil is now one of my HG facial oils—and I’ve tried everything from argan and marula to sunflower and rosehip. It absorbs like a dream, faster than any other oil I’ve tried. And the hydrating claims are no joke! My dry patches 100% disappeared, my fine lines significantly diminished, and my makeup applied more evenly. I don’t think my skin could have survived Japan’s brutal winter without this bottle!

The V&M Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil (30) and Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil (50ml) is on sale for P1,470 and P2,246, respectively. Shop it here and here.

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