So, I’ve had my fair share of pretty good setting powders. The ones I’ve loved a lot have done their jobs well, seamlessly sealing my makeup in place so I can effectively serve #looks. But one (or two) is never enough! Despite having a healthy collection of Holy Grail powders in my possession, I always like to keep my options open. And if that means testing out some of the more eccentric finds, like a new kind of baby powder (yes, baby powder), so be it.


When the Tiny Buds Natural Rice Baby Powder landed on my desk, I thought, okay, adults using baby powder for beauty purposes isn’t exactly new. If you’ve heard of the crazy K-beauty trend jamsu (which we tried here), you’ll know that baking your whole face with the stuff is actually a thing.

But in my own routine, I’ve always steered clear. All the baby powders I’ve tried in the past have just never been finely milled enough to feel comfortable. Also, I’ve read more than once that the traditional talcum-based baby powders are bad for your skin! They’ve made me worry about clogged pores, breakouts, rashes, and white casts. When a single layer of powder feels super thick, who wouldn’t?


Anyway, back to the Tiny Buds powder. Apparently, this particular baby powder is so safe, so fine, and so effective in its various health and beauty duties, it’s been awarded internationally!

An all-natural rice powder, it’s heaps more lightweight than your average baby powder. I swatched a tiny amount on my hand and it blended out quite seamlessly. Unlike the others I’ve tried in the past, this baby powder was not chalky at all, which promised good things for how it’d feel on my face.
There are only two things on its ingredients list: rice starch and mild fragrance. Remember, when it comes to product labels, shorter is always better. Less room for damaging chemicals to hide! Because it’s made with 100% real rice grains, this powder is hypoallergenic, safe for skin asthma and eczema, and suitable for ALL ages. That was the kicker for me, TBH. If ultra-delicate baby skin could handle it, then my moderately sensitive pelt was in good hands.


So try it, I did! As I predicted, the texture of this powder was so lightweight that it felt like nothing at all once it set. It’s milled so finely that it pretty much disappeared into my skin. I opted to “bake” my T-zone and under-eye area with it, which is what I usually do with my current setting powder. I honestly expected some thickness to register, despite all the good things I’d heard. (That’s just part of the whole baking deal, right?) But after I packed on the powder, nice and generous, it still didn’t feel thick. All thanks to the airy rice grains, I’m guessing?
As for how well the powder set my makeup, I’d give it a solid 8/10. I docked a couple of points since my T-zone did oil up eventually, so this didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel there. I did notice that my oiliness was controlled for a little longer than average, which was certainly impressive. My under-eye area stayed crease-free, too. Plus, my skin texture appeared noticeably smoother in comparison to how it looks when I wear my regular formula. No surprises here, since the baby powder blended out like dream! For that alone, I’d use it again.


Since I like to keep products on rotation, I’m definitely putting this powder in the lineup. I imagine it’ll come in handy during the sticky, sweaty summer months, when oil control is in extra high demand. Its ultra-fine texture, mild formula, and impressive makeup-setting powers make it HG-worthy, for sure! I have this sneaking suspicion that if I spend a bit more time with it, there won’t be any turning back.

Would you put this baby powder on your face?

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