So many potions out there promise a brighter smile—including the exorbitantly-priced ones at your dentist’s office. Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve pearlier whites through your regular dental routine? After all, we’ve all got places to go, people to see, and not enough moolah to invest in our enamel.

It seems like Listerine is of the same mind, because they’ve just created a one-and-done method for healthy white teeth. And people, this potion won’t break the bank!
Packaged in a clean white bottle, the new Listerine Healthy White tastes distinctly different from the average mouthwash. For that, you can thank its two active ingredients: lemon and salt. This awesome twosome has been proven to brighten teeth, freshen breath and protect against stains. Also, this particular mouthwash is free of peroxide—a common irritant in most teeth-whitening products that can affect the eyes and skin. The price? A friendly P224.00 for 500ml! Woohoo!

According to the literature, gargling Listerine Healthy White twice a day for two weeks will produce noticeably whiter and healthier chompers. For someone like me who was unwilling to give up coffee and wine, there was nothing to lose! If I didn’t come out of this experiment with shinier teeth, at least I’d have sweeter breath, right? Here’s what happened over the course of my two-week Healthy White Challenge.


Here’s how my teeth looked on Day 1. As mentioned, Listerine recommends using this mouthwash twice a day, morning and night, after brushing. Easy enough!
I was afraid of having to gargle for a minute straight each time. Usually, mouthwash burns (that’s why I hate it). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one didn’t have that industrial-strength menthol taste. Instead, it tasted like a refreshing summer cocktail (without the actual alcohol, of course). It wasn’t difficult to gargle this at all, and when I spat it out, my mouth felt clean, fresh, and not in pain.
Unlike many other whitening products I’ve used in the past, I had no tooth-sensitivity issues with this mouthwash. Even so, it really felt like it was working—and I’m happy to report that I did not lessen my intake of stain-inducing beverages.
After crossing the one-week mark, the whitening effects were subtle but noticeable. I felt like most (if not all) signs of my daily, stainy faves were less obvious.
Here’s when I really started enjoying this whole mouthwash thing. In fact, it got pretty addictive. I almost felt like I couldn’t step a foot outside of my house without gargling (before, I only felt that way about doing my brows). Why? Because my whitest smiler EVER depended on a one-minute gargle—and also, it was fun!
Here I am on the last day of the challenge. It worked, you guys! I even wore a bright red lipstick on the last day to really bring out the contrast. The mouthwash didn’t make my teeth paper-white per se, but my smile is brighter than it’s ever been.


Do you see the difference between Days 1 and 14? Not only did this mouthwash improve my breath, it also got my teeth sparkling without making me feel like I was ingesting harsh chemicals. After two weeks, I actually consider it a staple in my regular beauty routine. The difference might not be as dramatic as getting your teeth professionally whitened, but it’s certainly a safer, gentler alternative. All together now: pearly shells…
Listerine Healthy White is available on BeautyMNL for P224.00. Shop it right here!

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