Let’s be real, ladies: dieting is no easy feat. Usually it means counting calories, or worse, food restrictions. Fortunately, not all diets will make you “hangry.” The most popular diet right now actually includes eating fat—and lots of it. Enter: the ketogenic diet.


The ketogenic (or keto) diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb way of eating to encourage your body to enter a state of ketosis. This will help shift the primary source of fuel from sugar to a fatty acid called ketones. In other words: this will help you burn fat like crazy and give you boundless energy.

For this experiment, the Paleo Manila® team was kind enough to send their new 5-Day Keto Meal Plan. It couldn’t have come at a better time, since the flood of holiday fêtes is pretty much upon us. See what happened during my 5-day diet, below!


My first keto breakfast was a Japanese-style Okonomiyaki with mayonnaise. I didn’t have to worry about eating the unhealthy kinds of fats since Paleo Manila® combines keto principles with the signature Paleo way of using all-natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s the best of both worlds.
I felt surprisingly full throughout the whole day. This was unlike other calorie-controlled meal plans I’ve tried in the past, which left me with hunger pangs and a noticeably drop in energy.


Everything felt the same throughout the first half of the day—that is, until I stopped by a convenience store later in the afternoon. Little did I know that the most irresistible, non-keto snacks would be on full display. Chocolates, muffins, gummy bears…gah! Big mistake.
By that point, my sugar cravings were real. Sugar and fruits aren’t part of the keto diet, so be prepared for more savory snacks such as Garlic Zucchini Twister Chips and Vegetable Tempura.

Sugar cravings are a very common symptom of keto flu, A.K.A. the body’s way of adjusting to the lack of carbs. But, hey, at least I know the diet was working, right?


Looks like the keto diet wasn’t going to be as easy as I expected. I experienced way more keto flu symptoms today. I went through constant bouts of brain fog, which made it difficult to concentrate at work. To remedy that, I upped my water intake to help myself refocus.
I was worried that my energy levels would dip given the lack of the carbs in my diet. But today’s workout session proved otherwise. I was able to finish my entire workout (without feeling woozy) and enjoy my hearty dinner of Steamed Seafood with Garlic Bokchoy and Carrots right after.


I checked the scale this morning and, OMG, I lost 2 pounds!
Throughout the day, I just had to remember to drink more water whenever the lightheadedness and sugar cravings hit. Comfort came in the form of my afternoon snack: the Coconut Curry Roasted Cashews. Strange combination, if you ask me, but the flavors went together perfectly.


I checked my weight again in the morning and found that I lost another pound! What in the world!

Condition-wise, today was a bit better compared to yesterday. I was still a little lightheaded at times, but my increased water intake took care of that quickly.
Since today was the last day of my keto diet, I had to savor every last bite. I mean, with chow like Cajun Fried Chicken Wings and Beef Kway Teow delivered right to my doorstep, how could I not enjoy the convenience?


The scale doesn’t lie. Keto works!

Honestly, it didn’t feel like I lost 3 pounds because I always felt so full. Unlike other calorie-controlled diet plans I’d tried before (all of which made me very #hangry), Paleo Manila®’s keto diet did a wonderful job of keeping me satiated. Not just for one measly day, mind you, but every day of the week.

Overall, I’d say Paleo Manila® triumphs in both flavor and quality, and their meal plan is definitely worth a try if you want to trim down. I was impressed with their menu variety and how delicious the food was despite the fact that it was diet food!
My most important takeaway from this experience? Keto flu is a real thing, so be prepared to drink lots and lots of water. But if you’re determined to lose weight and you don’t mind eliminating sweets and carbs, the keto diet is definitely made for you.

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Photos by Kat Echon

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