Everyone knows Beyoncé never settles for anything less than ideal. From her perfectly executed performances to looking flawless 24/7, she exists to awe us at every turn. But it wasn’t until her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, that I realized how much work Beyoncé puts into being… well, Beyoncé.

In the documentary, the superstar opened up about the intense physical commitment in the lead-up to her legendary 2018 Coachella performance. She followed a strict dietary regimen to prepare for her big set. And “strict” does not nearly do it justice. Enter: the Beychella diet.


Beyoncé describes the diet best: “In order for me to meet my goal, I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, [and] no alcohol,” she said in the film. “And I’m hungry.”
Besides this long list of dietary no-no’s, the superstar did not specify the name of her diet. But it seems most in line with a vegan keto diet which is focused on moderate protein consumption, high fats, and low carbs. Suffice it to say, the process was a physical challenge for Bey. So, you can only imagine how I felt when I volunteered to attempt the Beychella diet: pretty scared.
Curious to know how it went? Read the recap of my 3-day experiment, below!


I only live by one rule when it comes to my diet: everything in moderation. So when I had to cut out most of what I ate, I was at a loss about what to eat. I ended up having a bulletproof coffee in the morning with a generous amount of MCT oil and a broccoli salad for lunch.

While the bulletproof coffee kept me full until my next meal, I couldn’t say the same about the broccoli salad—it was basically just steamed broccoli, which was bland and unsatisfying. The only saving grace? A garlic chili oil I drizzled (no, drowned) it in. For some reason, this epic meal fail led me to crave all sorts of things I couldn’t have.

And, unfortunately, I caved into the cravings. I ate in a Korean restaurant for dinner and ended up splitting a bottle of Soju with a friend. So much for the Beychella diet, right?


On Saturday, I was determined not to break my diet. So, I planned out my meals for the rest of the weekend and made sure they were tasty. After my “breakfast” of bulletproof coffee, I ate zucchini noodles with a puttanesca sauce for lunch. And for dinner, it was fried cauliflower rice alongside a hefty serving of peas and carrots.

Compared to Friday, I actually enjoyed my meals on Saturday. This was probably because I knew what I was going to eat before the day even began. I won’t lie, though, it didn’t make me forget I was on a strict diet, but it made the whole idea more bearable. I was also hungrier than I normally am. Thankfully, it’s nothing drinking a ton of water can’t fix.


For the last day of the Beychella diet, I decided to swap out my bulletproof coffee for a green smoothie blended with kale, avocado, and sugar-free nut butter. It wasn’t as pleasant as drinking a smoothie with fruit, but the peanut butter and avocado helped neutralize the earthy flavors of kale.

For lunch, it was another salad, only this time with spinach, tofu, cucumber, and tomato. Sprinkled with a little bit of lemon zest, and it overtook the broccoli salad last Friday by a mile. As for dinner, I settled for a plain squash soup with lots of black pepper. It reminded me of baby food, but it would do.

I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said I didn’t cheat this day. I drank a glass of red wine in the evening to celebrate the end of the experiment. Praise be!


Although I felt lighter by the end of my stint with the Beychella diet, I was also hungrier and slightly more irritable than usual. Had I been preparing for something as monumental as Bey, like a performance with millions of eyes on me, maybe I’d be more motivated to eat better.

I also found it takes a lot of meal prepping to sustain a diet like this. Well, at least if you want it to be a well-rounded one. For someone who doesn’t know her way around the kitchen and has little to no access to cheap produce, it was tough. Long story told short? Not everybody is Beyoncé; every body is different.

Perhaps I wouldn’t attempt this diet again, but there are a few things I took away from it. Maybe I could opt for a keto-vegan-friendly meal every once in a while. Or, try and avoid bad food, like sugar and refined starch. Like I said, everything in moderation! And maybe, just maybe, this will bring anyone closer to their goals in a healthy and sustainable way.
So, would you try the Beychella diet? Sound off in the comments section below!

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